Materials and Information for UM Low Brass Studio Members

Materials specifically applicable to Ole Miss low brass players

Applied Low Brass Syllabus This is a "catch-all" course syllabus for all music major and non-major students enrolled in applied trombone, euphonium, and tuba study at Ole Miss. This does include representative lists of materials that one might expect to encounter during each semester of applied study.

Ensembles Syllabus Syllabus for those registering for academic credit for participating in the UM Trombone Ensemble and UM Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble.

Lesson Evaluation Form Students will receive a completed evaluation form at the conclusion of each lesson, either in hard copy or in electronic form.

Materials useful for all low brass players

Warm-Up and Maintenance Routines Each studio member will be assigned a daily routine for use in his or her fundamentals practice. Routines of various lengths and intensities for alto trombone, tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, and tuba can be found here.

Scale and Arpeggio Routines Scales and arpeggios are a vital part of daily practice and playing development. Each student will be assigned a number of these every semester.

Fingering, Slide Position, and Overtone Charts This page links to both chromatic fingering/slide position charts and overtone charts covering a wide range of notes for each instrument.

Intonation Adjustments Necessary adjustments for proper tuning of chords.

The Brass Player's Vowels A graphic demonstrating the use of different vowel shapes for different parts of the tonal range.

Practice Room Range vs. Performance Range A graphic showing how the tonal range explored in the practice room should extend both higher and lower than the tonal range needed in performance.

Air Direction in the Mouthpiece A graphic showing how the direction of the airstream in the mouthpiece differs in various parts of the tonal range, for both downstream and upstream players.

Selected Bibliography for Low Brass An extensive bibliography of books and articles relevant to low brass study.