Chakraborty Group

Protein design as a tool to solve problems in the interdisciplinary field of bioinorganic chemistry (inorganic + biochemistry)

We have two open Ph.D. positions for Fall 2023. No GRE needed. Contact us for more details!

Welcome! Our research lies at the interface between biochemistry and inorganic chemistry or BioInorganic chemistry focused on exploring and exploiting the role of metals in biology. Our primary aims are to create artificial biocatalysts inspired by the fascinating chemistry of metalloenzymes. In particular, we are interested in energy-relevant metalloenzymes and those which activate small molecules. We employ various aspects of protein design tools along with suitable biophysical/analytical methods to characterize the physical properties of our artificial metalloenzymes and to determine the functional attributes and mechanistic underpinning of the chemistry. We are privileged to work with dynamic individuals. Our primary motivation is to help students achieve academic excellence and professional growth. We are always on the lookout to recruit highly-motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join us. We welcome all students regardless of their background and identity.

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