New Graduate Students

Sept 2022 - Welcome to our new graduate students Katy Howie and Dipta Sarkar!

REU Student

July 2022 - Awesome REU student Landon (left) completed his summer research, and got a lot done! Great job Landon!



July 2022 - Had a great time at the Eurobic in Grenoble. Learned exciting bioinorganic research, met old and new people. It was a pleasure to speak at the same session as the stalwarts in the field including Vince Pecoraro, Tom Ward, and Angela Lombardi.


New ACS Catalysis Paper

June 2022 - Congratulations to Divyansh, Suchitra, and Morgan for their hard work on the ACS Catalysis paper which is just accepted.


Mike L. Edmonds New Scholar Award

May 2022 - Saumen received Mike L. Edmonds New Scholar Award from the College of Liberal Arts! It is humbling and an honor.


Honors Undergraduates

May 2022 - Exceptional undergrads Aditya, Walker, and Maggie defended their Honors theses successfully. Aditya is heading to Amazon. Maggie and Walker are on their way to Dental School. Congratuations to you all!


Graduation Hooding

May 2022 - Special moment to attend the first graduate hooding ceremony. What an incredible honor to hood two outstandng researchers and individuals Dhanashree and Pallavi. Too bad Sucitra couldn't come!


Dhanashree's Graduation and New Position

May 2022 - Congratulations to Dhanashree for successfully defending her thesis. She now heads to Stanford for her next adventure. Great job and all the best Dr. Selvan!


Sreya Wins Poster Award

Apr 2022 - Congratulations to Sreya for winning a poster award at the Mississippi EPSCoR/NSF Annual Meeting. Good job Sreya!


Pallavi's Graduation and New Job

Mar 2022 - Congratulations to Palalvi for successfully defending her thesis! She now heads to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals for her new job. We are missing you already. All the best Dr. Prasad!


Dissertation Fellowship for Dhanashree

Jan 2022 - Congratulations to Dhanashree for winning the Dissertation Fellowship from the Graduate School for the upcoming Spring 2022 semester! Well done!

Suchitra's Graduation and Postdoc Position

Oct 2021 - Congratulations to Suchitra for successfully defending her thesis! She is the first to graduate from the lab, which makes it a special occasion. She now heads to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to start her postdoc position in the Devreotes lab. Well done and all the best Dr. Mitra!


New Graduate Student

Sept 2021 - Our BS Chem undergraduate student Skyler Crane has joined as a Ph.D. student. Welcome back Skyler!

REU Student Seminar

Aug 2021 - Our super REU student Paul presented his summer research. Awesome job Paul!!!


ArCuP for H2O2 activation accepted!

July 2021 - Congratulations to Suchitra and Divyansh for the acceptance of their paper on the artificial Cu protein (ArCuP) for H2O2 activation in ACS Catal! We have learnt so much about H2O2 activation and the correlation of spectroscopic features to His oxidation and electrochemical H2O2 reduction. Well done!

Prestigious Graduate Fellowship

July 2021 - Congratulations to Divyansh for being awarded The National Security Education Center's (NSEC) Center for Space and Earth Science (CSES) Graduate Student Fellowship from the Los Alamos National Lab. As a part of the fellowship program Divyansh will be working in LANL for one semester over the next 3 years to learn computational protein design using Rosetta with Dr. Ramesh Jha, a Rostta expert in the Bio division. We are excited for this opportunity to bring new expertise into our group. Well done!


May 2021 - Congratulations to Dhanashree for passing candidacy!

New GC

May 2021 - Our new dual channel Shimadzu GC is up and running. Now we can detect both gas and liquid samples simultaneously in the same instrument!

Dissertation Fellowship

Apr 2021 - Congratulations to Suchitra for winning the Dissertation Fellowship from the Graduate School for the Fall 2021 semester! Well done!

GSC Poster Award

Apr 2021 - Congratulations to Divyansh for winning the second prize at the GSC poster presentation!

De Novo artificial hydrogenase accepted!

March 2021 - Congratulations to Sreya for her paper on a new de novo artificial hydrogenase in ChemSusChem! We have gained insight into ET timescales from TAS in collaboration with the Hammer lab and learnt how the aciditiy and pKa of Cys controls H2 evolution. Well done!


Jan 2021 - Congratulations to Pallavi for passing candidacy!


May 2020 - Congratulations to Suchitra for passing candidacy!

New Graduate Member

Aug 2019 - We are excited to welcome Divyansh Prakash as a graduate member of our group. Divyansh comes from IIT Gandhinagar where he synthesized Cu complexes for electrochemical O2 activation for his Masters project. He is excited to explore the worlds of energy-related bioinorganic chemistry.

Honors Graduations

May 2019 - Congratulations to Richard, Greyson and Emory for successfully defending their Honors theses. Congratulations to Greyson for winning the Taylor medal, the highet honor bestowed upon top undergraduates of UM. We wish you all the best for your new adventures.

ACS Banquet

May 2019 - Congratulations to Dhanashree for receiving the outstanding graduate studnet award in Biochemistry. Congratulations to Skyler for winning a Biochemistry Course Award. They were both recognized at the ACS local section annual awards banquet.

ACS Orlando

April 2019 - Saumen gave a talk at the ACS Orlando in Thursday's Bioinorganic session.

NIH Grant

September 2018 - We are thankful to the NIGMS for supporting our work with an R15 AREA grant to support our metalloprotein design efforts.

NIH logO

New postdoctoral scholar

September 2018 - We welcome our new postdoctoral scholar Zahra, who is an electrochemist and joins us from the Jones lab at ASU where she has studied hydrogenases using electrochemistry.

Welcome home, Sreya!

August 2018 - We are ecstatic to welcome our new graduate student, Sreya, who has previously studied metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Hopefully, she will have an exciting time in her lab and coursework!


June 2018 - Pallavi, Dhanashree and Suchitra presented at the 2018 Southeast Regional Biophysical Consortium held at Mississippi State University. Thanks to Dr. Joe Emerson for organizing the event. Saumen presented a poster at the Metallocofactors GRC held at Mount Holyoke College. Thanks to Drs. Sean Elliot and Serena DeBeer for organizing this great meeting. Thanks!

Honors undergraduate student Leigh's new publication

June 2018 - As part of her senior thesis research, our recent Honors undergraduate Leigh has been published in J. Phys. Chem. C.

2018 Ralph E. Powe Award

May 2018 - Dr. Chakraborty received the 2018 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) logo

2018 ACS Banquet Awards

May 2018 - Congratulations to Leigh for receiving the 2018 American Chemical Society Senior Undergraduate Research Award and to Suchitra for receiving the 2018 Biochemistry Outstanding Graduate Student award. Leigh and Suchitra were recognized at the Annual ACS Banquet.

Dr. Chakraborty, Leigh Sumner and Suchitra Mitra at the 2018 Ole Miss Annual ACS Banquet

ACS New Orleans

March 2018 - Dhanashree, Pallavi and Suchitra presented posters at the ACS National Meeting and Expo in New Orleans!

New students for Spring 2018!

February 2018 - Chakraborty Group welcomes new undergraduate students to the lab: Greyson Keel (Class of 2019) and Emory Wills (Class of 2019). Greyson and Emory will be working with Dhanasree and Leigh.

New students for Fall 2017!

August 2017 - Chakraborty Group is excited to welcome two new graduate and two new undergraduate students to the lab. Pallavi Prasad (Ph.D. candidate), Dhanasree Selvan (Ph.D. candidate), Rachel Wilkinson (Class of 2019) and Skyler Crane (Class of 2020) will be working on various projects this upcoming semester. Stay tuned!

New MSMS summer students

Gary and Mariana in lab

July 2017 - This month, we welcome Gary Nguyen and Mariana Strawn to our laboratory. We are happy to have two Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science students working with us!

Rosalind the peptide synthesizer

February 2017 - Chakraborty Group has recently purchased our very own peptide synthesizer! Rosalind will allow us to make our own peptides and peptoids, such as, potentially, the a-beta protein.

New graduate and two undergraduate students

January 2017 - We are excited to welcome Suchitra Mitra (Ph.D. candidate), Lauren Greif (B.S. in 2019) and Blake Reuff (B.A. in 2018) to our laboratory. Suchitra and Lauren will begin peptide synthesis work in the winter intersession, and Blake will join us in the spring.

Lab setup has concluded!

November 2017 - After two months of work, they Chakraborty laboratory is finally set up and ready for all kinds of biochemistry experiments. The mountains of boxes outside our third-floor lab will finally become mole-hills. We are excited to have all of our equipment in order and begin experimenting without worrying about space or material.

First undergraduate recruitment in Chakraborty Group

September 2017 - Kirk Laughter (B.A. in 2018), Hayley Schrock (B.A. in 2018), Leigh Sumner (B.S. in 2018) and Emily Wang (B.A. in 2020) are the first four undergraduate students to join the Chakraborty Group. They will work on metal nanocluster and Alzheimer's projects through the fall semester as they assist in laboratory setup. We are happy to welcome these high-achieving students into the laboratory! Time to get to work...