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Dr. Saumen Chakraborty

Dr. Saumen Chakraborty

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Profile

Graduate Students:

Suchitra Mitra

Suchitra is an international Ph.D. student. She is excited to work on foldamers and protein design.

Pallavi Prasad

Pallavi is the "BioLogical" component of the lab. She is big time foodie, has been bitten by the travel bug (and loves to explore new places), and is excited to be the protein engineer in lab. She will work on designing peptide inhibitors against Alzheimer's.

Dhanashree Selvan

Dhanashree joined as a graduate student in fall 2017 and is really excited to handle the first project in bioelectrochemistry. She previously has worked with nanomaterials.

Sreya Malayalam Parambath

Sreya joined Chakraborty lab in fall 2018 to study biochemistry. She previously studied synthesis of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and its catalytic applications, but is thrilled to explore the new areas of study.

Divyansh Prakash

Divyansh joined Chakraborty lab in fall 2019 to study bioinorganic chemistry. He believes in transformative challenges and interested in alternate energy research. During his masters a IIT Gandhinagar, Divyansh has acquired synthetic skills, and learned electrochemitry-related and spectroscopic technique.

Undergraduate Students:

Skyler Crane

Class of 2020
Skyler is a B.S. chemistry (emphasis: biochemistry) student. He is excited to be exploring possibilities that will influence and determine his future career.

Kaylee Holmes

Class of 2020
Kaylee is a B.S. Chemistry (Biochemistry emphasis) student on the Pre-Dental track with a minor in Mathematics. She is excited to be working on the Alzheimer's project under the guidance of Suchitra!

Fall 2019:

Fall 2019 Group Photo

(from left: Divyansh, Dhanashree, Brooks, Kaylee, Skyler, Palalvi, Parker, Suchitra, Saumen, Sreya, Zahra, Rose)

Spring 2018:

Spring 2018 Group Photo

(top, from left: Dr. Chakraborty, Richard Covington, Skyler Crane; middle- Greyson Keel, Leigh Sumner, Emory Wills, Rachel Wilkinson; bottom- Dhanashree Prasad, Suchitra Mitra, Pallavi Prasad; not pictured: Emily Wang)

Fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Group Photo (top, from left: Dr. Chakraborty, Skyler Crane, Lauren Greif, Pallavi Prasad, Rachel Wilkinson, Leigh Sumner; bottom: Emily Wang, Dhanashree Selvan, Suchitra Mitra)

Spring 2017:

Spring 2017 Group Photo (top, from left: Kirk Laughter, Blake Rueff, Dr. Chakraborty; bottom: Leigh Sumner, Hayley Schrock, Lauren Greif, Suchitra Mitra, Emily Wang)

Fall 2016:

Fall 2016 Group Photo (from left: Hayley Schrock, Leigh Sumner, Dr. Chakraborty, Emily Wang, Kirk Laughter)

Past Students:

Work Period Student Degree Current Adventures
Summer 2018 Liz Huynh MS School of Mathematics and Science senior
Summer 2018 Taina Turner MS School of Mathematics and Science senior
Summer 2018 Kiara Lugo B.S. Chemistry (tentative - 2021)
Fall 2016 - Spring 2018 Leigh Sumner B.S. Biochemistry and B.A. Chinese - 2018 AmericanCouncils (funded by U.S. Department of State) Chinese Flagship Capstone Program in Nanjing, China
Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Rachel Wilkinson B.A. Biology, Minor in Chemistry - 2018
Fall 2017 Matt Saucier B.A. Biochemistry (tentative - 2020)
Spring 2017 - Fall 2017 Lauren Greif B.S. Chemical Engineering (tentative - 2019)
Summer 2017 Mariana Strawn MS School of Mathematics and Science senior
Summer 2017 Gary Nguyen MS School of Mathematics and Science senior MIT Class of 2022
Fall 2016 - Summer 2017 Hayley Schrock B.A. Psychology - 2018
Spring 2017 Blake Rueff B.A. Biochemistry - 2018
Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Kirk Laughter B.A. Chemistry - 2018