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In-progress and Upcoming

HANA @ Ole Miss!

We are in the midst of a project to move our SAP system from a relational database to an in-memory database or (HANA). The sandbox platform was set up in Summer 2014. Extensive functional testing and exploration of HANA software development techniques took place in Fall 2014. A procurement for an enterprise reporting toolset took place in Spring 2015, and a decision was finalized in June 2015. Go live of HANA in UM's production landscape will take place in December 2015.

Grove Wi-Fi

Work continues on the Grove Wi-Fi project with expectations that the inner Grove phase will be completed in Summer 2015. Fiber to all 33 exterior Grove and Circle light poles and the Grove stage has been completed.

Online Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) Form

In partnership with the Office of Human Resources, an online, routable, JAQ form is being developed to allow online submissions of requests for new positions, position reclassification of existing positions, etc. The new process should be available in the early fall.

Attendance Scanners, Continued ...

Attendance scanners are being installed in additional classrooms in Summer 2015. For more information on the attendance scanner project, visit

Distance Learning Classrooms

Working closely with the Division of Outreach and Continuing Education, IT is enhancing the technology in seven (7) distance learning classrooms at the DeSoto campus. The enhancements include a TV for remote classroom view, state of the art projection system, and multiple cameras. Adobe Connect is being used for cloud-based videoconferencing.

Learning Management System Review

UM uses Blackboard as the Learning Management System (LMS) for all courses. Beginning in Summer 2014, the Instructional Technology Standing Committee led an effort to evaluate the available LMS solutions. The budgetary effort is under way. Stay tuned.


A long term plan focusing on accessibility has been approved and is being implemented. A new position, Accessibility Specialist, will be filled by the Summer 2015. This position will support efforts to incorporate accessibility in instructional materials and technology, as well as assist departments in identifying and resolving accessibility barriers.

Recently Completed

Weir Hall Mac Lab

In Spring 2015, Academic Computing completed enhancements to the Mac Teaching Lab in Weir Hall. Student seating was increased from twelve (12) to fifteen (15), and new 21" Apple iMacs were installed at all stations.

Channel 99 and Overflow Viewing for Commencement

In May 2015, Telecommunications and Classroom Technology worked with University and Public Events, the Ford Center and the Department of Music to broadcast Ford Center commencement ceremonies over cable Channel 99, which also allowed for overflow viewing in Nutt Auditorium.

Campus Portal (myOleMiss) Redesign

A new and improved myOleMiss was launched in Fall 2014. The underlying software infrastructure was upgradesd to SAP Netweaver 7.4 in April 2015. The new version has the look and feel of the new and improved campus website and employs current Web design features such as responsive design. Please see Introducing myOleMiss 2.0 for more details.

SAP Grants Management

The final phase of the SAP Grants Management project, Online Effort Certification, was launched in January 2015. Effort Certification allows administrators, principal investigators, and researchers certify their time worked on their various sponsored research projects online and paper free within the myOleMiss portal.

Fiber to Support SEC Network

Beginning in Summer 2014, 36 count fiber cable was pulled and terminated to all athletic sports venues for ESPN in support of the SEC Network.

Inside Plant Wiring Installations

Multiple projects are ongoing with inside plant wiring crews, including Northgate Dorm (75% complete), Coulter Hall addition and renovation (70% complete), Music Building (95% complete), security camera installs for Housing (45% complete), attendance scanner installs (70% complete)

Campus Network Access via Point to Point Wireless Connections

IT staff have installed point-to-point outdoor wireless technology at the Desoto Center and are currently working on the same solution for the University Golf Course. This will provide these remote sites access to the campus network without the use of outside provider service.

TouchNet E-Commerce Enhancements

The final enhancement to UM’s e-commerce offerings, launched on June 8, 2015, involves UM using TouchNet’s PayPath software for processing all online student account payments. As part of this transition, a non-refundable 2.75% (minimum $3.00) convenience fee will be charged for each credit card payment by TouchNet, but ACH / electronic check payments will not incur any type of convenience fees. More details can be found on this letter to students and parents from the UM Bursar.

Telephone System Improvements

Telecommunications recently completed the conversion of Memory House and Carriage House from analog key system to all digital phone service. The switch compression project continues in an effort to reduce the number of carriers in service which will decrease overall switch maintenance costs. To date, 5 G650 carriers have been removed. During Summer 2015, Telecommunications plans to convert all of the residence hall phone numbers to a continuous block of numbers in the 4000 number series. This will make identifying where a call comes from much easier.

Cable TV Improvements

Telecommunications will be adding The Village to the campus cable TV system over the summer. This will give those students campus cable TV services and so they don't have to get these services from outside providers. Multiple cable TV projects in athletic facilities continue, including Indoor Practice Facility, west side of the football stadium, Manning Center, basketball arena. In Summer 2015, the cable TV system is being converted to a more modern and cost-effective main line tap system.