Will Jones

  • Class

    Class of 2025
  • Program

    B.F.A. in Film Production ( College of Liberal Arts )
  • Hometown

    Alpharette, GA (South)
  • Involvement

    Service and Community Engagement, Student Publications
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  • About

    Will is pursuing a B.F.A. in Film Production and he is a member of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College. On campus, he is the Multimedia Coordinator for UM’s award-winning student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian; as well the President of the UM film Club. He is a documentarian and had his film screened at the Dawn of the Arts Gala.

Get to Know Will Jones

Why did you choose to attend UM?

In looking at various schools, the University of Mississippi offered everything I wanted. At an academic level, the Film Production program and Honors College, especially, have offered me a wide array of great opportunities. At a cultural level, the University and greater Oxford area are a wonderful place to live and explore, and my friends and I always find new/interesting things to do.

When and how did you choose your major(s)/minor(s)?

My earliest memories involve my love of filmmaking and cinema as a whole, so the road to wanting to become a filmmaker was almost inevitable; it's baked into the core of my being. To attend a great institution with like-minded people who share that sense of enthusiasm has been, like I suspected it would be, a dream come true.

What would you tell a high school student about your major?

The world always needs more artists, and filmmaking serves as one of the exemplary arts, combining painting, literature, music, poetry, etc. The work is truly the reward, and I love the major because there is never a dead end, so-to-speak -- there are always new creative avenues to explore and expand your knowledge/craft.

Why is your department a special place?

The UM Theatre & Film department is particularly special for its sense of community. I've met many friends and formed relationships that I know will last a lifetime. The Liberal Arts, in general, provide a wonderful communal environment where you constantly feel like you are learning and growing as one.

Can you tell me about a professor or a class you’ve taken that has had the most impact on you?

Honors 399, an Art/Music class taught by Philip Jackson and Bruce Levingston, remains the highlight of my two years at UM thus far. The class deeply inspired me on a creative level and helped me form valuable connections, including with Professor Levingston, whom I later collaborated with on a six-minute documentary for the University about the various arts programs.

What has been one of your most memorable or enjoyable moments at UM?

In the beginning of my freshman year I helped co-found a student organization called the UM Film Club, a film appreciation club. We watch and discuss movies as a collective twice a month, and it has truly been a consistently joyous experience. My favorite meeting thus far was being able to watch a restored print of "Do the Right Thing" on the big screen at the Malco Cinema.

Apart from school, how do you spend your time in Oxford?

I also work as the current Multimedia Editor for The Daily Mississippian, and previously served as Assistant Arts & Culture Editor, which has been a great joy. On the weekends I love to hang out at the Square with my friends; browsing through Square Books is always a highlight.

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