About Classics

Learn why our one-of-a-kind community is a special place for studying classics.

Student walking through an ornate iron door into a foyer with an ornately tiled floor.

Who We Are

The University of Mississippi Department of Classics boasts a vibrant community of more than 40 undergraduate students and a group of supportive faculty who teach a rich slate of courses in Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization each term. Plus, we host lots of events throughout the year to keep students involved in Classics beyond the classroom.  

What We Do

The University of Mississippi is classified by Carnegie as an R1 university, a designation reserved for the top 2.5% of universities in the nation. As part of a research-intensive university, our faculty are at the top of their field.

Why does R1 matter to students?  They will have professors who bring exciting new discoveries into the classroom and give students a chance to work alongside them as they break barriers.

The Classics faculty includes award-winning teacher-scholars who are ready to support our student’s interests in every aspect of the ancient Mediterranean world. Our archaeologists study Roman graffiti in Pompeii and Greek architectural sculpture in Corinth. In history and literature our research expertise runs the gamut from Homeric epic to Roman early-imperial history and ideology, and from Greek oratory and biography to Latin poetry and gender.

  • Professor Jacqueline DiBiasie-Sammons spoke at TEDxUniversityofMississippi about her research on ancient graffiti in Pompeii and what it can teach us today. Students travel abroad with her to translate, document, and digitally recreate ancient messages. 
  • Professor John Lobur published his new monograph, Cornelius Nepos: A Study in the Evidence and Influence, with University of Michigan Press. The book offers a fresh look at the literary abilities and cultural understanding of a Roman author whom generations of scholars have dismissed as an inaccurate and simplistic writer. He taught a Latin class based on this new work in the field.  

Our Vibrant Community

On left, child with paintbrush in dirt; adult on right holding bin of dirt.

Mississippi Day activity

The Classics Department participates in Mississippi Day, an annual university-wide event held in April.

Birds eye view of lobby with reception.

Archaeology Fair with K-12 students

Table with students and professor having lively discussion

Dr. Aileen Ajootian meets with students in Bryant Hall

Group of students and professor in front of replica of the Parthenon

Eta Sigma Phi visits Nashville Parthenon

Woman looks down at opened book

Student at a podium outdoors with arm raised addressing seated audience.

Two women standing at ancient wall. One person has a scanner in their hand, the other a camera.

Students studying ancient graffiti

Student stands in profile against ancient busts

Visiting the Robinson Collection

Backs of students in Rome

Study Abroad in Rome

Two men with ancient artifacts they are studying

Modern techniques for antiquities research

Professors Brad Cook, Classics, and Lance Yarbrough, Geology and Geological Engineering, at the museum using a X-ray fluorescent analyzer to run non-destructive tests on the small gold and brass plaques that are part of the David M. Robinson Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities.

Classics on Campus

Marble sculpture antiquity
Exterior of University Museum, Mary Buie Wing

The University of Mississippi Museum

Named to EDsmart’s list of 51 Most Astounding University Museums with a ranking of 17—one spot ahead of Princeton University, the University of Mississippi Museum offers student internships and volunteer opportunities where they might work with education programs or curate an exhibit.

The David M. Robinson Memorial Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the museum can be described as the finest collection of its kind in the South and one of the finest in the nation. 

UM Museum
Close up of gloved hands holding a small black sculpture of a foot.
Two women arranging a sculpture in a gallery.

Museum Studies

Museum studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the world of museums and all they encompass: collections, exhibitions, education, archives, research, and more. Our faculty from five departments—Art & Art History, Anthropology, Classics, History, and Southern Studies—teach a broad range of courses to introduce students to the history and culture of museums and their basic functions as well as current topics and issues facing museums today. 

Museum Studies Minor
Musician wearing sunglasses on stage playing trombone.
Large audience at bookstore

Our Community

Located 70 miles from Memphis and surrounded by the natural beauty of Northern Mississippi, Oxford boasts thriving music, art, and literary scenes along with great restaurants. University of Mississippi athletics provides many opportunities to watch and participate in sports—and one of the world’s best tailgating parties. 

With everything Oxford offers, it’s no wonder USA Today names Oxford as one of the Top Six College Towns in the Nation.

Come see why.

Oxford, MS

Eta Sigma Phi

Eta Sigma Phi, founded in 1914 at the University of Chicago, is the national collegiate honor society for students of Greek and/or Latin. The University of Mississippi's Lambda Chapter is the third oldest active chapter in the nation and one of the largest. Our members work to promote interest in Greece and Rome through a variety of events and service projects. There are opportunities for leadership positions both at the local and national level; membership also makes you eligible to apply for several national scholarships for study abroad and further education.

Students with an A or strong B grade point average in Latin or Greek are nominated for membership by the faculty each Spring semester.

For additional information, contact Dr. Molly Pasco-Pranger.

New members 2023
Reese Anderson, Sarah Bexley, Kayden Breedlove, Kenneth Brown, Adele Cardwell, Lynnlee Causey, Lauren Cepluch, John Clark, Ainsley Corwin, Joseph Cruz, Amya Franklin, Alice Hollingsworth, Kendall Kirschenheuter, Julia Ledger, Zoei Mullen, Andrew Nichols, Anastasia Roberson, Griffin Rolison, Ashlyn Silliman, Maggie Wallace, Samorria Williams

New members 2022
Ashley Aicklen (Grammateus 2022-2023), Emma Burton, Kylie Doran, Brooke Eisenhuth, Karina Glenn, Nikolas Guerrero, Sydney Lynch (Chrysophylax 2022-2023), Grace Mattingly, Gregory Palculict, Helen Phillips, Sebastian Prisock (Pyloros 2022-2023), Sierra Thomas, Jessi Thompson, Miles Thompson, Lyle Tobin, Mikayla Williams.

New members 2021
Brittany Ellis, Alexa Hardie, Aubrey Hart, Anastasia Jones-Burdick (Pyloros 2021-2022; Hyparchos 2022-2023), Charlotte Powers, Maggie Smith, Virginia (Ginny) Smith, Marshall St. Amant, Anna Warden, Audrey Wilson (Grammateus 2021-2022).

New members 2020
Hannah Berch (Prytanis 2020-2022), Minnie Blackman, Paige Choppin (Hyparchos 2020-2022), Alexis Grupp, Ila Cummings, Nathan Debar, Bridget Hardiman, Annabelle Harris (Prytanis 2022-2023), Tyler Price, Katie Robbins, Madeleine Saunders, Catherine Smith, Maisie Smith (Chrysophylax 2020-2022), Caleb Whittington

New members 2019
Anne Acevedo, Sarah Barch, Jackson Brumfield, Amanda Cary, Logan Day, Tharangi Fernando (Hyparchos 2019-20), Shelby Harper, Constance Hartline, Lily Hassan (Grammateus 2020-2021), Dylan Hight, Christopher Horn, Libby Houston, Greta Koshenina, Sarah Lowery, Martha McCafferty (Pyloros 2020-2021), Katharine Papp, Morgan Reid, Hannah Ritchie, Dylan Smith, Mary Reagan Starrett, Nicholas Sumrall, Sloan Weeden, Karen Westgard, Mykayla Williamson

New members 2018
Henry Busby, Reba Chamblee, Jensine Coggin, Ashton (Blake) Derossette, Dawson Dinsmore, Caroline Gaillet (Chrysophylax 2018-20), Sarah Hamilton, Anna Johnson, Jillian Johnson, Morgan King, Arianna Kitchens, Megan Lofaso, William Loveless, Anthony (Tony) Lybrand, Jamal Lydie, Katherine Mayet, Mary Margaret (Meg) Mays (Hyparchos 2018-19, Prytanis 2019-20), Madeleine McCracken (Prytanis 2018-19, Grammateus 2019-20), Deeanna Moore, Lucas Sewell (Pyloros 2019-20), Anna Tully, Laura Woodward

New members 2017
Lauren Anderson, Christianna Ballard, Riley Blaylock (Pyloros 2017-18), Olivia Buquoi, Hannah Bustos (Grammateus 2017-18), Noah Cox, Ian Doty (Chrysophylax 2017-18), Anna-Alicia Estes, Hunter Fooshee, Ellie Greenberger, Victoria Heim (Hyparchos 2017-18), Olivia High, Katelyn Hoffman, Summer Jefferson, Olivia Johnson, Callie Keeler, Mary (Michaela) Musselman, Hunter Myers, John Neese, Stella Smith

New members 2016
Maraea Cardner (Prytanis 2017-18), Victoria Clearman , Leigha Coke, Jackson Colburn, Thomas Collins, Lauralee Davis, Taylor Davis, Alan Donatelli (Pyloros 2018-19), Blythe Dorn, Elizabeth (Baylee) Edwards, Taylor Ferris, Zachary (Ty) Gill, Cellas Hayes, Natalie Keller, Shayne Keriazakos, Sonora Morris (Grammateus 2018-19), Henry (Hal) Moyer (Pyloros 2016-17), Clayton Myers, Hali Niles, Olivia Novarese, Stephanie Poiroux, Allison (Melissa) Ramsey, Dana Reppel, April (Michelle) Rismiller, Logan Rolleigh, Heath Rooks, Breeley Sellier, Bradley Tune

New members 2015
Noah Barron, Cassandra Baumgartner, Jaylan Billups, Conrad Joseph Collins, Zachary Creel (Chrysophylax 2016-17), Laura Dona (Hyparchos 2015-17), Emily Duhé (Chrysophylax 2015-16), Ike Dulin, Mary Freeman, Haley Haskins, William Zachary Lawrence, Weston Liefer (Pyloros 2015-16), Nicholas Nelson, Hannah Switzer, Jacqueline Thompson, Alexander Wilks

New members 2014
Katherine Aberle, Emily Ables, Kolleen Aicklen, Hannah Banks, Mackenzie Breeland, Solellena Cordova, Kimberly Corliss, Alicia Dixon (Prytanis 2015-17), Leslie Virginia Dorris, Sethelle Flowers, Christina Fullenkamp, Amanda Gurley, Brittany Herrin, Mary Moses Hitt, Lindsay Hopper, Samuel Oliver Irvine, McKenna Mossman, Mikey Owens, Emily Payne, Lauren Resch, Eve Rodenmeyer, Jessie Smith, Madeline (Lana) Thames (Grammateus 2014-15), Tiffany Torma, Libby Tyson (Grammateus 2015-16), Coulter Ward, Michael Calhoun Wilkerson, Christine Williamson.

New members 2013
Rachel Banka, Jordan Bauer, Rebekah Cummins, Kara Fowler, Alexis Hicks, William “Bubba” Hudson (Hyparchos 2013-14, Prytanis 2014-15), Katie Jenkins, Joy Johnson, Acacia Leavitt (Chrysophylax 2014-15), Kelsey Long, Stephen Macoy, Katelyn Miller, Juliana Norton, Douglas Odom, Ta’Boris Osborne (Pyloros 2014-15), Carter Sink, Courtney Taylor (Chrysophylax Spring 2014) Dylan Thomas, Cedric Tillman, Morgan Waterman, William Wert, Ryan Young (Pyloros 2013-14, Hyparchos 2014-15).

New members 2012
Andrew Anderson, Brian Anderson, Sarah Baker, Carter Barnett, Patricia Bush, Cameron Crain, Kyle Crockett, Henry Davis, Granison Eader, Grace Goza, Alison Guider, Steven Horlock, Michael Jaques, Ross Lang, Ellen Leatherman, Jennifer Liverett, Kaylee Logeston, Sierra Mannie, Tyler Penny, Rene’ Phongam, Charles Pritchard, Jillian Rippon, David Vincent Stroup, Hershel Tate, Rena Tillinghast, Hannah Vohra

New members 2011
Katherine Atkins, Kaitlyn Barnes, La Tonya Burgin, Lauren Blaire Camp, Chris Cruthird, Wood Dale, Megan Fowler, Sarah Freeman, Ramsey Frey, Rebekah Harris, Tess Hill (Pyloros 2011-12), Alexandra Jones, Vinod Kannuthurai, Ian Kirkpatrick, Kasey Long, Sara Magee, Will Mays, Aaron McMillin, Chris Miller, Alexander Rhea, Colby Roberts, Garrett Roberts, Christian Stovall, Robb Taylor, Matt Traylor

New members 2010
Khush Aujla, Porter Burford, Keith (Ed) Chaney, Gabrielle Coggin (Hyparchos Fall 2011, Prytanis 2012-13), Matthew Cook, Amanda Cummings (Chrysophylax 2012-14), Kathryn Fowler, Lacee George, Jessica Gradolf, Holly Graham (Grammateus 2010-11), Jacob Hall, Tara Hancock Whitfield (Chrysophylax 2011-12, Grammateus 2012-13, ), Andrew Henning, Kirina Hetzer, Ben Hewitt, Joe Higdon, Amanda Holloway, Sara Hyde, Nicholas Jenkins, Jamarious Johnson, Alexandra Kitson (Pyloros 2012-13, Prytanis 2013-14), Madeline Leung, Kimberly Mallett, Melissa McGehee, Tyler McNeil, Patrick Mooney (Prytanis 2011-12), Michael Moore, Rivers Myres, Mary Ward Pollard, Jeremy Porta (Pyloros 2010-11, Hyparchos Spring 2012), Courtney Smith, Joshua Snyder, Zachary Winter

New members 2009
Glenn Alby, Corey Allen, Joy Cross, Chad Dowell, Ashlei Evans, Chelsea Gann, Barry Gray, Aaron Herrington (Pyloros 2009-10, Prytanis 2010-11), Nathan Howe, Molly Hunsucker, Virginia Hunter, Justin Jones, Thomas Killian, Perry (Eddie) Littlefield, Catherine McCoy, Spencer Moore, Jason Nichols, Whitney O’Neal, Tyler Pittman, Susan Price, George Richardson, Matthew Seuss, Kelsey Shirley, Jonathan Sisson, Robert Stevens, Stephanie Teague, Meredith Thomas, Alex Vega, Ted Watson, Jason Wilson, Bennett Windham (Chrysophylax 2009-11)

New members 2008
Jordan Amy, Sierra Brown, Brittany Carstens (Hyparchos 2009-10), Alex Cochran, Bob Corkern, Charles Cowan, Bailey Fair, Lauren Fassero, Amanda Gamble, Marjorie Garretson, Joseph Green, Allen Hays, Allison Helms (Hyparchos 2010-11, Grammateus 2009-10), Jillian Humphreys, Michael Jennings, Jacquelyn Land, Nickolaus Luckett, Chip McClain, Grace McMahen, Brittany McQuiller, Emily Morton, Jerad Myers, Tyler Napier, Hannah Penley, Keelie Rankin, Amy Ridley, Lacey Rieder, Vincent Rotkiewicz, Thomas Sanders, Matthew Stuart, Mark Toups (Prytanis 2009-10), Ryan Walker, Kirk Wilson; Associate member: Karsten Gaycken.

New Members 2007
Shantel Bell, Ericka Berry, Erin Boles, Ellen Bowden, Marly Braden, Olivia Brame, Erin Burnett, Emily Chambers, Ada Cheng, Elaine Clark, Sarah Clark, Paul Dean, Lauren Delap, Ivan Drobyshev, Magdalen Garcia, Deleah Gillom, Richard Hankins, Kimberly Hannan, Oliver Hartner, Jesse Hawkins, Alice Higdon, Natalie Hopper, Jeremy Hunter, Andrew Meador, Nga Nguyen, Maureen Pendowski, Mache Robertson, Jessica Smith, Elliott Dean Stanley, Gerald Stinson, William Tallent, Bram ten Berge, Kimberly Warthman, Sam Watson, Andrew Weeks

New Members 2004
Sara Ball, Jimmy Cajoleas, Brett Cantrell, Heather Carrillo, Jennifer Darnall, Lindsay Davis, Vincent Fermo, David Forester, Eric Hutto, Roland Mullins III, Blake Shedd

New Members 2003
Jennifer Allen, Elizabeth Bonham, Jacob Brasher, Stephen A. Compton, Anna Cremaldi, Catherine Durst, Rip Fiser, John Fuller, Martin Gaines, Blake Gore, Michael Koury, Amanda Nelson, Greg Sartor, Michael Shipman, Kyle Tadlock, Anwen Thomas, Trisha Vickrey.

New Members 2002
Jeromy Baker, Robert Camp, Jennifer Chadwick, M. F. Crommie, Hans- Jurgen Gaycken, Tenisha Gist, Miles Gresham, Jordan Lancaster, Courtney Lindsey, Jason McAnally, Matthew McChesney, Ashley McIntosh, Puja Nayyar, Paul Pless, Amelia Purser, Elizabeth Stephenson, Deborah Thomas, Andrew Taylor, Kevin Waller.

New Members 2001
Charles Blanchard, Brent Bonds, James Downs, Kate Hammond, Charles Laney, Philip Levy, Jeffrey McClary, Wilson Minor, Simonee Patton, Kristi Perdue, Meta Poole, Julia Richlovsky, Charles Wells

New Members 2000
David Black, Elizabeth Bonney, Joe Crisco, Kimberly Paige Douglas, Laurie Evans, Ophelia Gillespie, Donald Hamby, Sarah Hamby, Mary Harkins, Glenda Hobbs, Michael Howell, Thomas Ireland, Mollie McMillin, Leslie Randle, Marsie Thomas, Thomas Corey Vinson

New Members 1999
Carrie Barnes, Shannon Barr, William Bell, Jonathan D. Brown, Dan Christensen, David Christensen, Susan Collins, James Dozier, Dennis M. Duncan, Kristi Estes, Bridget Gillis, Richard K. Gordon, Olivia Henderson, Suzanne Herron, Rachel Hutchins, Matt Johnson, Corinne Kelly, Jaromy Kuhl, Joshua Lindsey, Amy McChesney-Cheney, Annastasia McDonald, Jennifer McGuire, Peter Mosier, Walter R. Morgan, George C. Nicols, Molly Rector, Jessica Renfroe, Jason Sappington, Rachael Schechter, Wendy D. Smith, Matthew Thomason, Stacy Thompson, Ben Wilkerson

New Members 1998
Melanie Baker, Laura Caruso, Kellye Cauthen, Ian Coleman, Ginny Dawson, James Dickerson IV, Diana Dornan, Jennifer Fillingim, Brandon Ross Friedman, Allison Grisham, Robert Thomas Knight, Angela McMillen, Joe Sam Owen, Kerry Parker, John Sexton, Lisa Smithhart, Jacob Spencer, William A. Staton III, Katharine Todd, James Williams, Jr.

New Members 1997
Dawn Beck, Jill Case, Jean-Paul Escudier, Amy Galatzan, Justin Garner, Natalie Guedon, Gordon Jensen, Michael Juhas, Amanda Konersman, Jada Love, Courtney McIntire, Richard Miller, Carson Montgomery, Jamie Lynn Neal, Elizabeth Steele, Scott Wilkinson, Barbara Williamson

Other Members
Kimberly Rhyne Bennett, Jena B. Giardina, John Cary Hatcher, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Hays, Ivy Jean Huggins, Jessica R. Humphreville, Roger Lynn McGee, Jr., Catherine Ruth Sanders, Robert Anthony Stringer, David Alan Webb, Lindsay Romano, Timothy Tucker

The Arachaeological Institute of America (AIA)

The AIA is North America’s oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. Its mission is to promote archaeological inquiry and public understanding of the material record of the human past to foster an appreciation of diverse cultures and our shared humanity. AIA members share a passion for archaeology and its role in furthering human knowledge. Student members are welcome, and your membership includes a subscription to Archaeology Magazine!

The Mississippi-Memphis society of the AIA is house on our campus and hosts an annual lecture series that offers the public the opportunity to learn about archaeological projects around the world. The lecture series is regularly supplemented by a variety of other events focused on archaeology

For additional information, contact Dr. Aileen Ajootian.