Clickers for Faculty

Are there training classes available for faculty?

There is always training available via the Turning Technologies Web site. Helpful Quick Start Guides and Online Webinars, as well as additional Training Materials, are available the Turning Technologies web site.

How do my students register their clickers for my class? Can I do this through Blackboard?

The Turning Technologies Registration tool in Blackboard is available by default in every newly created Blackboard course. Your students can access it via the Tools link in your Blackboard course menu.

How do I import my registered students into the TurningPoint software?

To import your registered students into your TurningPoint software, watch the Blackboard Integration video, which will step you through this process.

How can I import grades from clicker sessions into my Blackboard grade center?

To get your grades into your Blackboard course, view the Blackboard Integration video tutorial.

How do faculty use clickers?

Faculty can use clickers to gauge understanding and to poll for opinions. Faculty report that they can increase student interaction using clickers. One teaching strategy is to pose a question and then display the results. If there is a wide variety in the answers, the faculty member can ask students to form groups to discuss the question. After the discussion the students can respond again. Faculty can also use clickers to take attendance.

What do faculty need?

Faculty need to have a computer in the classroom, along with a Turning Technologies receiver (which includes a flash drive with the TurningPoint software installed on it) and a Turning Technologies free Cloud account. Faculty can download the latest versions of the software from the Turning Technologies Web site. The Turning Technologies clicker system works with both PC and Macintosh computers.

Faculty need to have a receiver. All faculty who order clickers through the bookstore should receive a free receiver. Please contact the FTDC at 915-7918 to request your free receiver.

Faculty need their students to purchase clickers with a Turning Cloud license from the bookstore.

UM Standardizes on Turning Technologies QT2 Device Clickers

The Instructional Technology Standing Committee evaluated clicker usage on campus and after hearing feedback from faculty that had demoed different clicker brands, the committee voted to support the Turning Technologies QT2 Device Clicker (ISBN: 9780997224818) as the campus standard. The University has signed an agreement with the vendor to make Turning Technologies the officially supported "clicker".

This standardization means that students should need to purchase only one clicker for their entire university career.

This agreement does not prohibit faculty from using competing clicker systems. It does mean that this is the only clicker system that IT will support.