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IT Department Operations During COVID-19

Guidelines for COVID-19 office operations within the IT Department, these may change as circumstances require:

QR Code for daily symptom checker
Daily Symptom Checker
  • Use of the COVID-19 daily symptom checker
  • University will provide sanitization supplies (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.) for cleaning spaces and common use items
  • University will provide two reusable face coverings per employee
  • No one is allowed into the buildings without a face covering
  • Non-work related visits by non-residents of the building are prohibited
  • Buildings will remain locked with signs posted with contact information for assistance
  • Consider interacting electronically where feasible rather than in-person meetings or exchanges
  • Face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing and are required in the presence of others
  • Powers Hall: Entry/Exit is through the main doors (double doors on parking lot side and single door on Baxter side) and the four side doors on both ends of the building are exit only.
  • Bathrooms:
    • Single occupancy bathrooms stay unchanged
    • Multiple occupancy bathrooms
      • Occupancy is limited to 50% of the total number of stalls + urinals (Please round down to the nearest whole number.)
      • Face coverings must be worn
    • Hand sanitizer must be used upon entry and exit
  • Common hallways, breakrooms, supply rooms, copy rooms:
    • Face coverings must be worn at all times
    • Sanitize the items you interact with prior and following your use of them (printers/copiers, staplers, microwave, chairs, tables, toaster oven, fridge, ice maker, etc.)
  • Stairways:
    • Avoid using the rails unless required for mobility reasons
    • One person per stair level, if possible avoid crossing each other
  • Elevator:
    • Use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the elevator
    • Face coverings must be worn at all times
    • Avoid touching the walls while riding the elevator
    • Socially distance while in the elevator as much as possible
    • No more than two permitted per ride
  • Offices:
    • No face covering needed while in your office by yourself
    • When meeting with others in an office, face coverings must be worn and you must be at least 6 feet apart
    • Adjust your seating in your office so you are as far as possible from the door
  • Conference rooms:
    • Occupancy will be limited based on the of capacity of the room, signs will be posted to clarify the count
    • Face coverings must be worn
    • Sanitize the items you interact with prior and following your use of them (table, chairs, technology items for projecting, etc.)
    • Host meetings to occur electronically as much as possible and join from your office
  • Vehicles:
    • Face coverings should be worn in vehicles when riding with others
    • Use disinfectant frequently on common surfaces in the vehicle during the work day
    • Use hand sanitizer when getting in and out of the vehicle
    • Occupancy is limited to 50% of the total number of seats in the vehicle and if feasible, roll down the window