UM Today

UM Today is an IT system that allows people to create the announcements and target diverse university-based audiences with text messages, direct emails, and daily email summaries.

All Your Messages At One Time

UM Today is designed to improve communication across campus. Created by the Office of Information Technology, UM Today is a system that allows senders to create announcement and target specific audiences. Then, each weekday morning, you will receive a single email message containing summaries of all announcements intended for you. Think of UM Today as your personalized "morning edition," in which announcements are categorized and prioritized ahead of time, making your life a little easier. Simply scan the subjects and summaries and decide whether you'd like to read the full details.

All Your Messages In One Place

UM Today is more than an email delivery system. It also posts your targeted announcements inside myOleMiss. So if you missed your personal edition of UM Today that day, you can still see your current announcements. New announcements are added to this list as they are created, so you don't have to wait until the next morning to see them all.

UM Today Express

Occasionally an announcement needs to be sent out immediately, and that's what UM Today Express is for. While we will attempt to limit these, emergency and high-profile messages will be permitted. These messages will also appear in the next day's edition of UM Today.

Ready To Say Something?

If you have something to post, you may do so through UM Today Administration. If you are a full-time employee but are not authorized to use this system, you may request permission through the IT Helpdesk. You may view the UM Today documentation for an overview of how to use the system.

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