Alicia Bouldin

Associate Dean of Outcome Assessment & Learning Advancement, Professor of Pharmacy Administration and Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Alicia S Bouldin

Dr. Bouldin is the Associate Dean for Outcomes Assessment and Learning Advancement, participating in program evaluation, accreditation activities, and faculty development coordination, while teaching in the professional curriculum.


An active pharmacy educator, Dr. Bouldin has served two terms as a Distinguished Teaching Scholar within the School of Pharmacy. She has written several book chapters and has been involved in numerous courses and development workshops to support the profession through education of student pharmacists, practicing pharmacists, residents, graduate students, teaching assistants, and other pharmacy educators. A past national president of Phi Lambda Sigma, she has been consistently devoted to student professional development, and teaches within the professional development course series in UMSOP’s curriculum. She has served the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in both elected and appointed capacities, and continues to contribute to regional and national efforts in the areas of assessment and leadership. Bouldin’s research interests include student factors influencing pharmacy education (motivation, involvement, self-efficacy, professionalism), facilitation of innovations in pharmacy education, and informational issues surrounding patient decision-making.


B.S. Pharmacy, The University of Mississippi (1991)

M.S. Pharmacy Administration, The University of Mississippi (1996)

Ph.D. Pharmacy Administration, The University of Mississippi (1997)