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Certificate in Biomechanics student and teacher reform a biomechanics study.

About this Certificate

The Biomechanics Graduate Certificate is a fully online program that includes four courses totaling 15 hours of graduate-level course work. Courses are offered in accelerated terms so that learners may complete the certificate in as little as one semester or as long as two years.

  • The program is designed for individuals with backgrounds in engineering, kinesiology, human movement sciences, health, medicine, and other health related areas that are seeking an advanced understanding of biomechanics.
  • Students will enhance their professional competencies in musculoskeletal anatomy, functional kinesiology, injury evaluation and treatment, biomechanics instrumentation, sports and occupational biomechanics, therapeutic interventions, and medical device development. 

Key Benefits

Students enrolled in UM's biomehcanics certification enjoy benefits like:

  • Classes are 100% online
  • Accelerated coursework may be completed in a single semester
  • Classes have 5 start dates to choose from

Certificate Objectives 

Over the length of the biomechanics certification, students will:

  1. Enhance their current knowledge of the biological, mechanical, and neurological mechanisms by which human movement is controlled.
  2. Identify and use new engineering tools and biomechanical techniques that are used to study movement and musculoskeletal injuries, and applied in settings where injury prevention and rehabilitation occur.
  3. Gain the advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to apply biomechanics principles to clinical and biomechanical evaluation and research.

On this Page…

    Program Information

    Program Type

    Master's Program

    Area of Study

    Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology


    1 semester



    Program Location




    Required Credit Hours

    15 hours

    Course Requirements

    Find the course requirements, key dates, and tuition for the Certificate in Biomechanics below.

    AT 501: Foundations of Biomechanics

    The purpose of the course is to learn to look at biomechanics as a scientific basis for the analysis of human musculoskeletal function. Specifically, to understand the descriptions and the cause/effect components of human movement.

    AT 502: Musculoskeletal & Movement Biomechanics

    In this course students will develop an understanding of clinical biomechanics and demonstrate the ability to apply these principles to the analysis of selected human movements and pathological conditions, with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal system.  

    AT 503: Clinical Applications & Injury Biomechanics

    This course is designed to explore the field of injury biomechanics, which is also called impact biomechanics or trauma biomechanics, and focuses on understanding the behavior of human beings and our organs, bones, and other tissues at the point of mechanical or functional failure, which corresponds to injury.

    AT 504: Applied Biomechanics and Measurement

    The overarching goal of this course is to develop students’ knowledge and appreciation of the instrumentation used to evaluate human motor function. We will provide a general overview of data collection techniques in biomechanics, electrophysiology of muscle, and functional imaging related research.

    Application Requirements

    Students must hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree from an accredited institution and intend to participate in courses leading to a graduate certificate. In evaluating applications, the Admissions Committee takes into consideration the applicant’s grades and rank the student's undergraduate degree. Additionally, the committee will review optional supporting documents such as letters of recommendation, statement of interest, and professional and personal accomplishments.

    The IAA program requires official score reports for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) before admitting an applicant whose primary language is not English. For further details on the English language requirement, please see the OGE – Office of International Programs English proficiency requirements

    Program Start Dates

    Students can choose from five start dates in 2024, including:

    • January 22
    • March 26
    • May 28
    • August 26
    • October 17

    Application Deadline

    Students must submit an application one week prior to the program start date.

    The current tuition cost for one graduate semester hour is $534 + $75 fee for online programs. The total estimated tuition and online fees for completing the certificated depends on how long it takes you to complete the coursework.

    If you completed the coursework in:

    • One regular semester, estimated tuition and online fees total $6,999.
    • Multiple regular semesters, estimated tuition and online fees total $7,917.

    The faster you complete your coursework, the cheaper your estimated tuition and onine fees will be. 

    Remember that these estimates don't include application and capital improvement fees. 

    • The estimate is based on the most recent Fall and Spring full-time enrollment status tuition and fee information and is subject to change.

    Please contact us to inquire about a personalized cost estimate based on your individual completion plans.


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