Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Educational Leadership (K-12)

Become a leader in advanced administrative practice at the school or district level.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (K-12) - students in a classroom

About this program

The School of Education's Hybrid Ed.D. with emphasis in K-12 Leadership prepares educational leaders for advanced administrative practice at the school or district level.

  • Our curriculum combines both online and traditional coursework and is rooted in robust research on effective leadership practice.
  • Ed.D. candidates receive advanced skill development in applied leadership and applied research.

The three-year, 57-credit cohort program requires six problem-based weekend seminars each semester to prepare candidates for change leadership. All learning in the program uses practice-based application of state-of-the-art research on school transformation.

The program requires an applied dissertation-in-practice in which candidates will engage in planning, implementing, assessing and revising a three-year organizational improvement project.

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    Program Information

    Program Type

    Doctorate Program

    Area of Study



    3 years


    Ed.D. in Education

    Program Location



    K-12 Leadership

    Required Credit Hours


    Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (K-12)

    The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (K-12) focuses on the application of research and best practices to address challenges in education.

    The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (K-12) requires the following courses for a minimum of 57 credit hours.

    To complete the Ed.D. in Teacher Education, students must complete:

    • 57 hours of Program of Study courses

    Program of Study Courses (57)

    • EDLD 798 Graded Dissertation (Access & Assessment)
    • EDFD 713 Education & Society (Face-to-Face)
    • EDLD 798 Graded Dissertation (ID & Structure Ch. 2)
    • EDLD 731 Education Policy & Community Relations (Online)
    • EDLD 794 Human Resource Development
    • EDRS 604 Foundations of Qualitative Research Methods (Online)
    • EDRS 703 Advanced Methods of Applied Research (Face-to-Face)
    • EDRS 606 Program Evaluation (Online)
    • EDLD 798 Graded Dissertation (Data Collection)
    • EDLD 774 Applied Curriculum Instruction & Account (Face-to-Face)
    • EDLD 798 Graded Dissertation (Implementing & Assessment) *Prospectus Defense
    • EDLD 700 Leadership & Org Theory for Practice (Face-to-Face)
    • EDLD 723 School Finance & Facilities
    • EDLD 703 Seminar on the Learner & Learning (Face-to-Face)
    • EDLD 798 Graded Dissertation (Final Assessment) *Prospectus Defense
    • EDRS 607 Program Evaluation II
    • EDFD 707 The Professional Philosophy (Face-to-Face)
    • EDLD 741 Advanced Educational Law & Ethics *Final Defense
    • EDLD 721 District Operations & Management

    Other Degree Requirements

    • Each course is 3 credit hours and each seminar includes three Friday-Saturday sessions.

    Students applying to the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (K-12) must meet the following requirements. Students must have:

    • A completed master's or specialist degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
    • A current state school administrative license
    • A current employment as a school or district level administrator
    • A minimum of three years full-time experience working as a licensed administrator
    • A minimum of a 3.5 GPA on all previous graduate work
    • Exhibit proficient writing skills on a formal writing assessment
    • Show evidence of effective leadership potential
    • Submit three letters of reference (one from a direct supervisor)
    • Complete a successful interview

    To properly complete the application process for fall admission, students must submit all application materials before the following deadline:

    • Fall priority application deadline: May 1
    • Fall final application deadline: August 1
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