Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in School Counseling Leadership (Online)

Prepare for a district-level leadership position. Become a school counseling leader who uses data, builds partnerships, and advocates for all students in K-12 settings.

University Leaders Participate in Counseling Workshop at the University of Mississippi.

About this Program

The online Education Specialist degree in School Counseling Leadership is a 30 credit-hour online program designed to provide advanced training for professional school counselors in elementary, middle, and high school settings.

  • Applicants should already hold a Master’s degree in school counseling.

This advanced degree program focuses on training school counseling district-level leaders who use data, build partnerships, and advocate for all students.

  • This programs helps students meet the requirements for a higher tiered educator licensure (ex: MS AAA).

The program entails 5 semesters of part-time graduate study preparing students:

  • In school leadership, student advocacy, and supervision
  • To meet requirements to obtain a higher tiered educator’s license
  • To further their knowledge and understanding of leadership and advanced school counseling models

Graduates of this programs will also receive further opportunities for advanced credentials such as National Certified Counselor (NCC).

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    Program Information

    Program Type

    Specialist Program

    Area of Study



    2 years


    Ed.S. in Counselor Education

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    Required Credit Hours


    Ed.S. in School Counseling Leadership

    The Ed.S. in School Counseling Leadership empowers school counselors seeking to step into leadership roles within educational institutions.

    The Ed.S. in School Counseling Leadership requires the following courses for a total of 30 credit hours.

    To complete the Education Specialist in School Counseling Leadership, students must complete:

    • 30 hours of Program of Study Courses

    Program of Study Courses (30)

    • EDLD 610 Mission, Vision & Core Values
    • COUN 637 Leadership, Advocacy & Accountability in SC
    • EDLD 616 Data Informed Leadership
    • COUN 716 Trauma-Informed Schools
    • COUN 713 Multicultural Considerations in Child & Adolescent Counseling
    • COUN 715 Collaborative Principal-School Counselor Preparation
    • EDLD 617 School Law Leadership
    • COUN 714 Supervision in School Counseling
    • COUN 718 Advanced School Counseling Internship
    • COUN 717 Working with Individuals with Disabilities


    Students applying to the Ed.S in Counselor Education with a School Counseling Leadership Emphasis must meet the following requirements. Students must have:

    • A Master's (or higher) School Counseling Degree from an accredited institution of higher education
    • At least 1 year of experience working as a Professional School Counselor
    • A current resume
    • A state certificate from the applicant's state Department of Education
    • 2 letters of reference, including one from a supervising K-12 administrator, with evidence of leadership potential
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