Faculty Research Initiatives

At the University of Mississippi, our faculty transform the world with their research. Learn how we can make your idea happen.

The front of the Thad Cochran Research Center is shown during mid-day with the sun overhead.

About Faculty Research Initiatives

A professor and student look closer at specimens in the biomolecular chemistry lab.Grants support the faculty research initiatives at Ole Miss. No matter which of the 16 academic divisions you belong to, funding sources get your work off the ground. Your research has far-reaching impacts: it gives vital hands-on experience to students, benefits communities, and elevates Mississippi’s economy.

Funding Opportunities

A professor and student look over pharmacology data in the lab.One of the most challenging parts of research is getting started. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs maintains subscriptions to two databases, Pivot-RP and Research Insight, that can make it easier to find funding.

Finding Funding Opportunities

Featured Research Projects

A lab worker uses a microscope in the biochemistry lab.Every day, UM researchers carry out work that leaves a lasting impact on Mississippians. They improve our mental and physical health, help us better understand the past, and even make discoveries that lead to multi-million dollar businesses.

  • What Happens When Disaster Strikes?

    Stefan Schulenberg, an associate professor of psychology, used a grant from British Petroleum to assess the mental health impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Gulf Coast residents who lost jobs, suffered financially, and experienced other turmoil.

    About the Study
  • Better, Safer Drug Delivery

    Michael Repka, a pharmaceutics professor, is an expert in hot-melt extrusion, a technology used to create a range of new drug delivery systems. Among the most promising are patches that dissolve in the mouth, bypassing the liver and improving the efficacy of some medications.

    About Dr. Michael A. Repka's Work
  • Helping African Youth Lead Change

    What is the best way to equip youth in Africa with the tools to make environmental and civic change in their countries? Psychology Prof. Laura Johnson is collaborating with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to find out as part of a three-year, $1.6 million grant.

    About the JGI Partnership
  • Prime Mover

    Rizwanur Khan, an assistant professor of mathematics, is using an NSF CAREER grant to explore L-functions, a complex set of objects integral to the formation of prime numbers.

    About the Grant