Our Impact

World-class research delivers local results: work done at our 50+ research centers and institutes boosts economic development and improves the lives of Mississippians.

UM biologist Sixue Chen stands in his lab with two soybean plant samples.

How we make a difference

Every day, Ole Miss faculty, staff, and students carry out research initiatives that make a difference in our communities. Whether expanding youth literacy programming with an AmeriCorps grant or helping Mississippi soybean farmers overcome a crop-devastating roundworm via a National Science Foundation award, these projects cross all disciplines and make the state — and world — a better place.

“When I write proposals, I always think of the challenges our state has. Because we work at a university, I think we have a responsibility to our community, our state.” — Sixue Chen, Chair, Department of Biology


Ole Miss students gather for a candlelight vigil after one of the many active shooter situations in public places in the United States.

Seeking Keys to Thwart Extremists

University of Mississippi’s  Prof. Ana Velitchkova is studying the behavior of violent extremists to ask: What societal factors lead some individuals to act when others who share the same beliefs do not?

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Junior Ole Miss mechanical engineering major Downing Koestler stands in front of heavy equipment during his internship at CITE Armored in Holly Springs.

Keeping Homegrown Talent

A $200,000 grant helped Mississippi manufacturers tap the knowledge of 18 students to improve production and find new talent.

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Biologist Pablo Bacon and Rachel Anderson, a graduate of the UM Department of Biology, collect macroinvertebrate samples from a field in the Mississippi Delta.

Temporary Wetlands May Reduce Pollution

An EPA-funded project seeks to determine if keeping runoff water on farms’ fields reduces pollution and improves crop yields.

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Leading Innovation Each Day

Ole Miss research makes Mississippi a better place to live and work.
A portrait showing Dr. Micah Milinovich standing next to a blackboard showing some of his recent number theory research.

Dr. Micah Milinovich received an NSF grant for his recent number theory research. This research promises to have important applications in fields such as theoretical computer science and cryptography.

Dr. Thomas Werfel and Dr. Glenn Walker hold up their device that can be implanted in the body to micro-dose psychedelic drugs for treatment-resistant depression.

Dr. Thomas Werfel and Dr. Glenn Walker hold up their device that can be implanted in the body to micro-dose psychedelic drugs for treatment-resistant depression.

Geology graduate students study the Adams Mill Fault line in Washington D.C.

University of Mississippi Graduate Students Jodi Messick and Kristian Macias participate in a research project with the Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute, which investigates the Adams Mill Fault line in Washington D.C.

A professor works in the drug delivery lab researching new drug treatment methods.

Students and professors in pharmaceutics and drug delivery labs develop targeted drug-delivery systems which improve treatments for many medical conditions.

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Our faculty directs their focus on applying their knowledge to strengthen the community. No matter what you’re studying at Ole Miss, you can join them and contribute your expertise. Each of our 16 academic divisions pursues grant-driven research, and students play important roles in seeing those projects come to life.

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