Crime Alert: 05:28 PM, Thursday, January 29

Crime Alert-Off Campus Incident

Crime Alert-Off Campus Incident

Crime Alert
Crime Alerts” are posted as a means to make the Ole Miss community aware of any situation that poses a potential threat to the safety and well-being of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

On Wednesday January 28, 2015 at approximately 9:15 pm three individuals exited the Malco Theater on Jackson Avenue near campus.  As they were walking to their vehicle the three were approached by a large black truck occupied by two or three young white males. As the truck passed the group, one of the males pointed his finger and threatened the group using language that suggests the victims were targeted because of their race. The Oxford Police Department is investigating this incident with assistance from the University Police Department. If you have any information pertaining to this incident please contact the Oxford Police Department at (662) 234-2400 or the University Police Department at (662) 915-7234.

Crime Prevention Tips:

 •        Immediately report to UPD any suspicious persons or vehicles you
  observe with as much identifying information as possible.

          Carry a cell phone and program UPD's phone numbers: (662)
  915-4911 for emergency and (662) 915-7234 for non-emergency.

          Be alert to your surroundings at all times.

          If possible avoid being out late by yourself - especially in isolated
  areas of campus.

          Call UPD at (662) 915-7234 for a security escort.

          Use one of the Code Blue emergency telephone units to contact
  UPD in the case of emergency.


UPD Active Shooter Response