Academic Resources and Support

We care about student success, and we have a ton of resources to help you.

A teacher working with a student

The Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience (CSSFYE) is here to help you succeed.

We’ll get you all the information you need

We have classes to help you transition from high school to college. Our EDHE 105 course will enhance your academic skills, and help you find the places around campus to explore your interests.

We have specialty advising

Our advisors serve many different majors and are easily accessible whenever you have questions.

We build support groups for you

Whether you want to meet someone from home, or need an extra push academically, we can help.

We are always available

Our Success Coaches help you identify strengths, boost motivation, cultivate confidence, and address any barriers to success.

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Find a class, plan your schedule, or find a major.
  • Office of Financial Aid

    A resource for all your financial aid and scholarship needs.

    Financial Aid
  • Office of the Registrar

    We assist students with a variety of services including class registration, course grades, transcript requests and course withdrawals.

  • Office of National Scholarship Advisement

    We support and advise students applying for a select number of competitive national and international merit-based awards.

    National Scholarship Advisement
  • Student Disability Services

    If you need any assistance with academic accommodations, our Student Disability Services (SDS) will help you get them.

    Student Disability Services
  • Veteran and Military Services

    The University of Mississippi is one of America’s Top Military-Friendly Universities.

    Veteran and Military Services
  • IT Helpdesk

    The IT Helpdesk is available to support students, faculty and staff with technology questions.

    IT Helpdesk
  • Writing Center

    The writing center offers free support services for our students. Our highly trained peer experts work alongside you with projects in all disciplines.

    Writing Center
  • Career Center

    Our career center will help you build your career. As you work toward graduation, we'll connect you to a network that's dedicated to seeing you succeed.

    Career Center