Special Programs

For our most motivated and accomplished students, these distinctive programs offer an interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential learning, undergraduate research opportunities, and added vibrancy to our community of scholars.

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"The university gave me the space and opportunity to do the things I’ve always dreamed of doing.”

Rabria Moore

BAJ, 2023

Our special programs will help you build your legacy.

Be prepared to influence while absorbing as much knowledge as possible during your educational journey. Our freshman classes include high school valedictorians, salutatorians, and class presidents. As you embark on building your legacy, our special programs may be the extra you need.

The deadline to apply for special programs is January 10. 

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Find the Program that meets your goals

Our special programs are designed to enhance your learning experience while also giving you the tools to do more.

Build critical thinking skills in small, seminar-style classes to gain an understanding of the world around you. The honors college offers a small-school feel within a public university to create a distinctive foundation in your academic journey.

Explore the Honors College

Prepare for a career in public policy and public service. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to lead in your local community, state legislature, the federal government, or a government-facing role in the industry.

Lott Leadership Institute

Study the connections between economics, politics, history, and culture, at an international level. Choose a region of the world and a global theme to study while also specializing in a foreign language.

Croft Institute for International Studies

We want to equip you to become a leader in building a stronger education system across Mississippi. During your time in METP, you'll have full financial support and our job placement is almost 100% after graduation.

Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program

Southern Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines required cultural studies courses on the American and global South with courses from multiple disciplines.

Southern Studies

Secure a guaranteed seat in one of the nation’s best professional pharmacy programs through our Early Entry Program.

Start your Pharmacy career

Become a leader in advanced manufacturing through an interdisciplinary education that combines accountancy, business, and engineering.

Center for Manufacuring Excellence

Internationally Focused Programs

Some of our more internationally-focused special programs will give you the tools to apply your expertise across the globe.

Explore life changing opportunities through competitive scholarships.

This is not just a gateway to undergraduate and graduate school funding, but an opportunity to further your mind, commit to bettering our world, and actively engage in a scholarship community.

Office of National Scholarship Advisement

The Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) supports and advises students applying for a select number of competitive national and international merit-based awards.

Ryan Lubker

Connected for success

As a prospective college student, Ryan Lubker felt torn between studying business or engineering. Then he learned he could have the best of both worlds at the University of Mississippi’s Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence. In fact, CME combined his interests into one specialized degree tailor-made for his dream career.

Ryan Lubker