Bekah Woodruff

Get to know Bekah Woodruff

Why did you choose PPL as your major and what was the appeal of the Lott program?

The PPL program stuck out to me because there is nothing else like it. Lott equips you with so many opportunities and tools to help your professional career. These opportunities are exclusive to Lott students which helps our classes bond and help each other.

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspirations are to graduate with my degree and attend Law School. PPL has given me to right tools to help me take on this challenge. After law school, I would really enjoy to get my masters in Public Policy. I then plan on going to practice law and help research policy wherever needed.

Is there a professor that has been particularly helpful to you?

Dr. Fritz has been extremely helpful to me. I think his classes help me understand critical thinking, logic, and ethics more. After his classes I feel like I have enough knowledge to problem solve and find helpful solutions to everyone.

What is a particularly meaningful way you have engaged in a community either on or off campus?

I work with PeriodUM. This organization helps end period poverty and other misconceptions about periods and products. This means helping put period products out in bathrooms all over campus, and help raise this products to send to other countries that do not have access to them.