Miles Thompson

  • Class

    Class of 2025
  • Program

    B.A. in Classics; minor in Museum Studies ( College of Liberal Arts )
  • Hometown

    Florence, AL (South)
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  • About

    Miles is majoring in Classics with an emphasis in Ancient Greek and minoring in Museum Studies. He often volunteers with museums near his hometown of Florence, Alabama, where he works in collections research, photographing and cataloging their collections. He can often be found at Square Books or Rice and Spice for Thai food.

Get to Know Miles Thompson

Why did you choose to attend UM?

I chose UM because of its great Classics program. I liked that it was undergraduate only, as that allowed for a more personal experience.

When and how did you choose your major(s)/minor(s)?

After taking Latin in high school for four years, it felt natural to continue to build on it and expand my knowledge by learning Greek as well. After working at a local museum, I became interested in how artifacts are classified and presented to the public, which led to the Museum Studies minor.

What would you tell a high school student about your major?

Classics is still a very active field. People are still finding out new things from over 2000 years ago, and there absolutely is a place for you if you are interested in pursuing it.

Why is your department a special place?

In the Classics department, every professor knows you, even if you haven’t had a class with them yet. There are also plenty of opportunities to gain more experience, such as study abroad.

Can you tell me about a professor or a class you’ve taken that has had the most impact on you?

I took a Digital Archaeology class taught by Dr. Dibiasie-Sammons that completely changed the way I viewed the field, and narrowed my own focus within Classics down to something manageable and marketable.

What has been one of your most memorable or enjoyable moments at UM?

One of my most memorable moments was when I was invited to go to dinner with one of the visiting professors for the very first talk I attended. It was tailored to my academic interest.

Apart from school, how do you spend your time in Oxford?

I usually will browse Square Books, go to Malco to watch a movie, or try a new restaurant.

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