Samuel Nemee

Get to know Samuel Nemee

Why did you choose PPL as your major and what was the appeal of the Lott program?

Samuel chose PPL as a major because of his heavy interest in studying politics, history, and the law. After hearing of the vast amount of a specific policy course offerings, internship opportunities, personal connections, and success of Lott students, he knew this was the place for him. He hopes his studies in the Lott program will ultimately prepare him for law school like many before him.

What are your career aspirations?

Samuel hopes to go to law school after Ole Miss, and then become a corporate lawyer specifying in sports and contract law. He would also like to do real estate work on the side particularly in rental properties. While he hopes to have a life-long career in the law, he has never ruled out running to hold public office one day.

Is there a professor that has been particularly helpful to you?

Samuel’s favorite professor so far has been Dr. Melissa Bass, whom he had for his PPL 101 course. She provided him a great foundation in public policy as well as becoming accustomed to the institution as a whole. Dr. Bass has also been pivotal in helping him navigate not only his PPL major degree map, but also his two minors which hopefully will provide him with useful knowledge to apply in law school.

What is a particularly meaningful way you have engaged in a community either on or off campus?

I am active in giving back to those who have served our nation by giving my time and efforts to my father’s non-profit called Navy SEAL for a Day. This organization was founded by my father and a Navy SEAL who hold charity shooting events and live-fire training experiences that directly benefit the Navy SEAL foundation which supports the family’s of fallen Navy SEALs. I have been volunteering to help with the organization and logistical support of these events for this non-profit for 10 years.