Intensive Summer Programs in German, Japanese, and Russian

Achieve higher levels of proficiency in a shorter amount of time!

Achieve higher levels of proficiency in a shorter amount of time! Intensive Summer Programs are offered through the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi. Students build their fluency in German, Japanese, and Russian through on-campus study and intensive language study in an international location. The program begins the summer before a student’s freshman year at the University of Mississippi. Students who are currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi are also encouraged to apply.

Intensive Summer Programs Brochure

Course Information

No prior language experience is required. In fact, no prior language experience is preferred as students will embark on the language learning experience together. The program is structured so that you can complete the minor in the language of your choice in 2 years. Enjoy smaller classes, a collaborative language-learning environment, and the opportunity to study the language in the country where it is spoken.


For the first summer on-campus, entering freshman who apply to JumpStart are eligible for a 3 hour tuition scholarship. Limited scholarships are available for the study-abroad component of the program, depending on the language.

Program Format

  • Summer I (prior to Freshman Year): This on-campus intensive language immersion offers six hours in the language of your choice. Housing is available on campus in residence halls and classes will be taught by a University of Mississippi instructor.
  • Fall Semester I (of Freshman Year): Students complete the first intermediate-level course.
  • Spring Semester I (of Freshman Year): Students complete the second intermediate-level course.
  • Summer II (following Freshman Year): Students participate in the approved 4- to 8-week study abroad program, earning six to nine hours of credit.
  • Fall and Spring Semester II (of Sophomore Year): Participants complete their remaining upper-level credits to earn a minor in the intended language. If available, interested students may continue on in their language study to earn a major.


The application deadline is April 21st. The priority deadline for students seeking a scholarship in the German program is January 15.

To apply, first submit an application for admission to The University of Mississippi, and then complete the Special Programs & Scholarship Application on line.


“Being a part of the Japanese Initiative was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Learning the Japanese language in one month was challenging, but very rewarding. By the end of the first month I was amazed at how much I could communicate with the Japanese students on campus. Also the trip to Japan was amazing. In Japan I was able to live with a host family and travel all over Osaka. The staff at my Japanese school was always willing to help me with anything I needed and planned many great activities for students to do. It was a great experience that I will never forget.”
—Laneese Cosby, studied at Osaka Gakuin University, Summer 2012

“As a student in the German Language Initiative, I have been given opportunities that most people can only dream of. Although it is challenging to learn a foreign language in such a short amount of time, any difficulties I encountered were far outweighed by the tremendous rewards that this program has to offer. My time as a part of the German Language Initiative has given me a better insight into how the world works and how people who are different from me in language and upbringing are still very like me in values and traditions. The German Language Initiative has offered me both a much more complete view of the world and a broader vision for myself as a person.”
—Will Peterson, studied at the Goethe Institute, Munich, Summer 2012


For more information on the Intensive Summer Programs, please contact the faculty representative for each language.

German ISP Coordinator: Dr. Corina Petrescu
Japanese ISP Coordinator: Dr. Kaoru Ochiai
Russian ISP Coordinator: Dr. Valentina Iepuri