Centers and Programs

Our centers and programs enable us to conduct and collect research to inform real-world solutions to mental health and substance misuse issues.

Chris Herren giving a presentation.

Get to Know Our Centers and Programs

Two sub-organizations are critical arms of The William Magee Institute. The Triplett Research Center focuses on community-oriented research. The Mayo Lab, which operates within The Triplett Research Center, creates content using storytelling to amplify discussion around the research, to equip parents, educators and students to start conversations that transform and save lives.

  • Jackie and Faser Triplett Center for AOD Research

    The support of Dr. and Mrs. R. Faser's Triplett Foundation established The William Magee Institute’s Triplett Center for AOD Research. The family foundation, named after the late Jackie and Faser Triplett, is managed by their five children. The Triplett Center for AOD Research leads The William Magee Institute’s mission to find and deliver solutions around student mental health, addiction and substance misuse at all levels: education, treatment and support. The center’s work includes finding better ways to implement existing solutions—and developing new interventions when necessary. These efforts encompass all the content and educational programs of The Mayo Lab, as well as a collaboration with the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the development of a case management platform connecting individuals and families to recovery resources.

    The Triplett Center
  • The Thomas Hayes Mayo Lab

    By combining innovative research with engaging storytelling, The Thomas Hayes Mayo Lab seeks to change the conversation around student mental health and substance misuse, transforming and saving lives in the process. Named for a beloved Ole Miss student who died at 21 of fentanyl poisoning, the lab’s current efforts include The Mayo Lab Podcast, a premium podcast featuring tough yet necessary discussions about student mental health and substance misuse. To learn more about The Mayo Lab Podcast and listen to episodes, visit The Mayo Lab website.

    The Mayo Lab
  • The William Magee Center for AOD and Wellness Education

    The William Magee Center is a student-facing organization committed to addressing the multifaceted needs of Ole Miss students throughout their academic journey. The William Magee Center offers a wide range of comprehensive resources and guidance tailored to support students dealing with challenges such as substance misuse, eating disorders, sexual wellness and other health-related matters. The William Magee Institute provides valuable insights and findings to The William Magee Center, enabling it to incorporate the latest research and best practices into their approach to student support. The William Magee Center offers tangible aid in a variety of ways, including: workshops, presentations, trained eating disorder specialists, RebelADE, WellChats and more.

    The William Magee Center