Fundamentals of Teaching

Fundamentals of Teaching is a learning community for graduate student TAs and instructors who want to enhance their teaching.

Graduate students chat at a recent CETL graduate student program

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Want some extra support while teaching, TAing, or preparing to teach as a graduate student?

Register for the Fundamentals of Teaching Learning Community to hone your teaching practice, build community with other graduate teachers, and get access to CETL resources and expertise for the entire term. We’ll meet regularly to talk about setting the tone for your course or section, planning effective lessons, grading and assessment, and student feedback. We’ll also connect with one another online to reflect, troubleshoot, share resources, and provide real-time teaching support. 

The Fundamentals of Teaching community convenes in the fall semester, generally for four in-person meetings, and continues the conversation online through the term.

Full participation in this learning community will partially fulfill the requirements for CETL's Fundamentals of Teaching Credential.

What students say

Fundamentals participants write during a reflection activity

Teaching community

The learning community provided a collaborative and supportive space to explore teaching methodologies, share experiences, and learn from peers."

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Real-time support

The learning community was a solution center for me . . . it was like a help desk for teaching."

Emily Donahoe

Questions about Fundamentals?

For further information about the learning community or other graduate programs, contact Emily.

Emily Donahoe

Associate Director of Instructional Support in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Lecturer of Writing and Rhetoric