Getting Started

Feeling a little lost? The Office of Information Technology (or "IT" as it is informally known) provides so many services to the Ole Miss community that it's easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, you don't need to learn everything all at once. Just explore the section that best fits you to get started.

  • Everyone!

    UM Today Tips — A single, common system, called UM Today, collects all your announcements (based on your name, your courses, your major, etc.) and delivers them to you each morning in email. These often become too large to skim through unless you know some handy tricks. Learn how to sort the ones you are interested in and delete the ones you aren't.

    TECHNews — Stay informed about updates, upgrades, and new services by following IT's blog.

  • Students

    Online @ Ole Miss - Guide that is distributed during summer Orientation

    Go! — The starting point for student email, Blackboard, myOleMiss, and more.

  • Faculty and Staff

    New Faculty Orientation (PPTX) — Provides an overview of online services for instructors and advisors.

    Faculty Technology Development Center Handout (PDF) — Located in Weir Hall, FTDC, provides training, assistance and technical support to enhance faculty use of technology.

    TACIT — A program sponsored by the Office of the Provost for the cyclical replacement for faculty computers.

    Office 365 — Employee email and calendar accounts are accessed through Microsoft Exchange server's Outlook Web application.

    Accessibility — Key components of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require that all content, including documents, posted on University of Mississippi websites must be accessible. Providing accessible content allows users with vision or motor disabilities who rely on assistive technologies to fully navigate and understand a webpage.

  • Parents

    Online @ Ole Miss — Guide that is distributed during summer Orientation

    Parent WebIDs — At the discretion of the students, parents may receive permission to view grades, review Financial Aid status, pay bills, or even access the campus wireless network.

  • Guests and Visitors

    Guest Wireless Access — If you don't have a WebID but need to get on the campus WiFi, you can partner with any WebID owner who can grant you temporary access.

    Eduroam — UM participates in the Eduroam wireless network service. If you are visiting from a participating university, you may sign into our campus wifi using your home credentials.