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The Chancellor of the University of Mississippi (“UM”) has been empowered by the Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher Learning (“IHL”) to execute contracts on behalf of UM.

  • Therefore, no employee of UM may execute a contract on behalf of the UM unless that employee has been delegated contractual authority. See UM Policy on Contractual Authority here.
  • In accordance with IHL Policy 707.02, anyone who signs a contract without authorization is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  See IHL Policies and Bylaws here:
  • Furthermore, IHL Policy 707.01(B) requires that all contracts entered into by UM receive review by legal counsel indicating the contract is in compliance with applicable laws.

UM established the Office of Contracts Management (“OCM”) to enhance processes for managing contract creation, execution, legal review, and administration. The OCM assists UM in maximizing operational performance while reducing financial and legal risk.

All contracts require review by the OCM prior to the contract being signed by UM.  To submit a contract for review, please visit the OCM webpage.

  • For questions regarding the delegation of contractual authority, contract management, contract negotiation, contract review, or signing a contract on behalf of UM, please reach out to the OCM at: 662-915-7200 or
  • For legal advice regarding existing contracts (i.e. termination of a contract, enforcing contractual terms, regulatory compliance) please contact the Office of General Counsel or the OCM.
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