Student Complaints

Students have the right to express opinions, make complaints, and protest policies of the university. Our complaint process prioritizes informal resolutions, but also offers formal protocols if needed.

Academic Complaints include the following: Academic conduct and discipline, academic standing (probation, suspension, and/or dismissal), and grade appeals.

Non-Academic Complaints include the following: admission appeals and petitions for readmission, bursar appeals, discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, financial aid and scholarships appeals, parking and traffic appeals, residency appeals, student conduct and judicial appeals, student housing appeals, and university police department appeals.

General Complaints are used when a student cannot determine if the complaint is academic or nonacademic.

Complaint Submissions By Students

Students have the right to file complaints about the conduct or behavior performed on the part of the institution or by any of its agents. The UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy office maintains the process for the review of, response, and attempted resolution of academic, non-academic or general complaints for students. The complaint process encourages the use of an informal resolution process to resolve complaints. It also provides a formal resolution process and protocol that may be utilized by students when a complaint is not resolved through the informal process.

To Use The Informal Process:

To Use The Formal Process:

Complaint Submissions By Faculty, Staff, Others

Faculty or staff wishing to submit a complaint should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance or the Department of Human Resources.