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The Department of Pharmacy Practice

redefines academic excellence by cultivating a dynamic learning environment that blends cutting-edge research with practical experience. Our commitment to innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and personalized mentorship empowers students to reach new heights and set the standard for greatness in pharmacy education.

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Our Educational Mission

The Department of Pharmacy Practice strives to provide an integrated, interactive, and interprofessional curriculum that develops practice-ready students. Focusing on knowledge and skills, patient-centered care, professionalism, and promoting lifelong learning, this mission is achieved through three guiding principles:

Experiential Education

Learn more about experiential education and how it plays a vital role in our department.
  • Learning by DOING
  • Allows the learner to be ENGAGED
  • Allows the learner to play an ACTIVE role in the learning process
  • In medical education, it means involving the learner in direct PATIENT CARE
  • REQUIRED for graduation and licensure
  • Comprises more than 30% of the entire SCHOOL OF PHARMACY CURRICULUM

Doctor of Pharmacy students will participate in pharmacy practice experiences during P1 through P4 years. Upon completing the final year of pharmacy school, students will have completed 1920 hours of experiential education. During years 1 through 3, students will participate in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE); in year 4, students will participate in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). The purpose of IPPEs is to expose students to pharmacy practice models and patient care in preparation for the APPEs. The fundamental goal of APPEs is to provide students with a planned program of applied knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities that will assist them in becoming competent pharmacists. The APPEs must also have a patient care emphasis and take place in diverse settings with maximum opportunity for interprofessional interactions. 

Applications are due by September 1st each year.

Online Preceptor Application

The Tripartite Committee reviews and discusses all applicants and current preceptors at its annual fall meeting. Applicants and current preceptors are promptly informed in writing of the decision regarding recommendation for appointment. 

Meet the Experiential Education Team!

Laurie Fleming

Laurie Fleming

  • Director Professional Experience Programs and Experiential Affairs and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy
Kristin Gilbert

Kristin Gilbert

  • Program Coordinator
Robert Metzger

Robert Metzger

  • Records Coordinator