Our Research and Impact

Learn more about our research, service, and dedication to patient care.

The Department of Pharmacy Practice

is deeply committed to fostering community engagement and collaboration. Through innovative initiatives and dedicated outreach efforts, we are actively partnering with our local community to enhance healthcare access and promote wellness.

Research and Impact Areas

Three students volunteering at the Jackson Free Clinic

The Jackson Free Clinic

The Jackson Free Clinic is a student-run non-profit organization offering medical, dental, psychiatric services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to uninsured patients in the Jackson metropolitan area. The School of Pharmacy faculty, residents, and students run a charity pharmacy at JFC, providing important medications, vaccines, and patient education to improve patient health.

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Students holding signs for the Operation Immunization flu shot clinic

Operation Immunization

In conjunction with a national campaign driven by the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists, the UM chapter of the organization annually coordinates multiple opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and community members to get flu shots. Operation Immunization’s goal is to increase the public’s knowledge of immunizations while also increasing the number of adults receiving immunizations. 

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Headshot Leah Franks

Why do we serve?

"As pharmacists, we serve to meet the needs of our patients and community. From counseling patients on needed prescriptions during Dental Mission Week to administering flu vaccines at the Jackson Free Clinic, I have been involved with many service opportunities. These service opportunities allow me to learn while giving back to the community, which, in turn, shapes me into a better clinician for all of my future patients."

Leah Franks

Pharmacy Student

Find your place to serve!

Want to know how you can serve our campus and local community?

Get involved and belong! In addition to the various campus activities such as recreational sports, social clubs, theater and arts, academic clubs, and other extracurricular activities, the School of Pharmacy offers many pharmacy organizations and activities for students to join and participate in. We believe the Ole Miss Pharmacy Experience, outside of the classroom, is important to your success, professional development, and career readiness. So join today and impact patient care, the profession, and communities in Mississippi and beyond.

SOP Student Ambassadors

SOP Ambassadors serve the school community through positive interactions with prospective students, current students, alumni, and other stakeholders. Selected individuals work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and other student pharmacists at events, Applicant Days, and more. Contact lindsey@olemiss.edu for information.

Rho Chi

Rho Chi, pharmacy’s academic honor society, encourages and recognizes excellence in intellectual achievement and advocates for critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. 

Phi Lambda Sigma

Phi Lambda Sigma supports leadership in pharmacy by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development. 

American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists

APhA’s Academy of Student Pharmacists promotes the professional practice interests of all pharmacists and pharmacy students, establishes programs and activities for its members, and enables members to participate in APhA’s national policy-making process.

Kappa Psi

Kappa Psi strives to promote the field of pharmacy through the benefits of fraternal affiliation and innovation.

Phi Delta Chi

Phi Delta Chi, a lifelong experience, promotes scholastic, professional, and social growth in its brothers, who strive to provide quality services to patients, advance public health, and strengthen themselves as health professionals.

Kappa Epsilon

Kappa Epsilon is a national professional pharmacy fraternity that promotes women in pharmacy by supporting personal and professional development, providing networking opportunities, and promoting pharmacy as a career.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists advocates opening new doors for pharmacists to enable them to use their extensive clinical knowledge to care for patients.

National Community Pharmacists Association

The National Community Pharmacists Association represents the professional and proprietary interests of independent community pharmacists and is committed to high-quality patient care and restoring, maintaining, and promoting the health and well-being of the public we serve.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association

The National Pharmaceutical Association is dedicated to representing the views and ideas of minority pharmacists on critical issues affecting health care and pharmacy, as well as advancing the standards of pharmaceutical care among all practitioners.

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International is a worldwide ministry of individuals working in all areas of service and practice to serve Christ and the world through pharmacy.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy is a national professional association of pharmacists and other health care practitioners who serve society by applying sound medication management principles and strategies to improve health care for all.

Students College of Clinical Pharmacy

The mission of the Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP) is to orient students to the practice of clinical pharmacy by providing information about careers and opportunities within the field, encouraging skill development necessary to function within an interdisciplinary team, advocating the role of clinical pharmacists within healthcare, encouraging participation in the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) at local/regional/national levels, and promoting dedication to excellence in patient care, research, and education.

Pediatric Pharmacy Association

The Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPAG) (PediaRebs) is an international, nonprofit professional association representing the interests of pediatric pharmacists and their patients. Members are dedicated to improving medication therapy in children through communication, education, and research.

American College of Veterinary Pharmacists – Rebel Vets

The American College of Veterinary Pharmacists Rebel Vets is the first professional student organization at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy that dedicates itself to veterinary pharmacy. The purpose of ACVP is to develop and strengthen the services provided by independent pharmacists to animals and veterinarians.

The University of Mississippi Advocacy Committee

The University of Mississippi Advocacy Council (UMAC) strives to increase student engagement in advocacy efforts for the profession of pharmacy. UMAC aims to contribute to the profession-wide goals of establishing recognition of pharmacists as patient care providers, creating billing mechanisms for patient care services, and implementing practice models in which pharmacists provide direct patient care at the level of their training.

Pharmacy Student in Costa Rica

Impacting Our World!

I spent a month participating in APhA's Student exchange program in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Costa Rica. I worked with the Centro de Desarrollo de Análisis y Asesoría para la Industria (CEDAAI) on a project to innovate the current system of pharmaceutical medication management, knowledge, and storage within federal prisons. Additionally, I joined pharmacy students at the Universidad de Ciencias Medicinas in industrial pharmacy classes and labs, creating pills and capsules, analyzing compounds, and unraveling the processes and equipment used to create and test medicine. I was exposed to pharmacists in the hospital, industry, and community settings and the varying clinical simulations used for learning by the students at the university.

Madison Bonn

Pharmacy Student