About Public Policy Leadership

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Preparing tomorrow’s leaders

The Department of Public Policy Leadership provides a challenging undergraduate major that prepares high-performing students for positions of leadership in an increasingly complex world. Our interdisciplinary program emphasizes the global nature of responsible decision making, the ethical imperatives of leadership, critical thinking, communication skills, and the conceptual and methodological skills necessary for careful policy analysis.

Learn from faculty with real-world experience and academic expertise

The Public Policy Leadership faculty are innovative researchers and teachers committed to upholding UM’s reputations for top-tier research and outstanding education. Many of the faculty in our department also bring practical knowledge from firsthand experience working actively in the realm of public affairs and government.

Kyle G Fritz

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Kyle Fritz received a College of Liberal Arts Faculty Grant for Research and Creative Achievement in 2023, and he was recently featured on an episode of the podcast, “The Free Will Show.”

Kyle G Fritz

Associate Professor of Public Policy Leadership

Major in Public Policy Leadership

Develop the knowledge and skills to understand and succeed in the world of government, law, and politics. We seek students who have proven excellent in both academics and public or community service. Prospective students fill out two applications: to UM and to the Trent Lott Leadership Institute, which makes final admission decisions.

B.A. in Public Policy Leadership

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    The Public Policy Leadership (PPL) Department is a department within the UM College of Liberal Arts that works in collaboration with Trent Lott Leadership Institute, which offers a wide range of leadership and outreach programs that work to enrich the lives and enhance the abilities of students and faculty, as well as high school students, students from other colleges and universities, and the community.

    Trent Lott Leadership Institute