Alyce Krouse

Director of Willie Price

Alyce Smith Krouse

Alyce Krouse is the Director of Willie Price Lab School and an instructor of Early Childhood Education.


Alyce Krouse is an experienced education professional currently serving as the Director of the Willie Price Lab School at The University of Mississippi. Alyce holds a Master's degree in Early Childhood education, providing her with a solid foundation for her role as Director.

Her commitment to continuous learning, professional development, and 25 years of classroom experience allows Alyce to foster innovative and effective learning environments within Willie Price Lab School. Throughout her career, Alyce has demonstrated a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in education.

Alyce is known for her collaborative leadership style, working closely with educators, parents, and students to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Under her guidance, Willie Price Lab School has become a model NAEYC-accredited preschool in the state of Mississippi.

Beyond her role as Director, Alyce is actively involved in the Oxford Community as one of the founding members of Lovepacks, an organization whose mission is to feed children in need on weekends and holidays when they are not in school. When not at Willie Price, you can usually find Alyce spending time with her family and friends.

 As the Director of Willie Price Lab School, Alyce leaves an indelible mark on the students, faculty, and community she serves.

Courses Taught


B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences, The University of Mississippi (1993)

M.Ed. Early Childhood, The University of Mississippi (2021)