Dennis Irwin

Associate Director for Marketing and Brand Strategy

Dennis P Irwin

Dennis Irwin is the Web Editor-in-Chief at the University of Mississippi and teaches design at the School of Journalism and New Media.

Research Interests

User Experience and User Interface and it's impact on marketing efforts


Dennis is a United States Navy mass communications veteran with 15+ years of experience in the field of creative marketing. His true love is found in the subjects of graphic design and other visual communication. Throughout his career, Dennis has worked as a designer and marketer on national recruiting campaigns for the United States Navy and the University of Mississippi.

Intertwined within his work in graphic design, Dennis also wrote and published news stories for the United States Navy, developed and published video stories for the Armed Forces News Network, hosted on-ship radio shows, photographed life on a Navy aircraft carrier, managed public relations situations (we ran over a whale once), and even explained how the nuclear reactors on an aircraft carrier function to foreign dignitaries.

Dennis holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing management, and a master’s degree in business administration and graphic information technology with a specialization in user experience and user interface design. Dennis has seen Phish 32 times, Tool 13 times, and Pearl Jam 10 times among many other concerts and a long list of other random experiences.


B.S. Management, Park College (2013)

M.B.A. Business Administration, Park College (2017)

M.S. Graphic Information Technology, Arizona State University (2020)