Patricia Digby

Instructional Assistant Professor of Social Work

Patricia Kay Digby

Patricia Digby is interested in sharing her knowledge and skills from her work in Child Welfare as she worked with families and individuals to prepare a better workforce in the field of Social Work.

Research Interests

  • Child welfare
  • Adoption
  • Domestic Violence


Patricia Digby has 30+ years of experience in the field of child welfare, but her passion remains in the adoption field! She has worked the whole continuum of child welfare in both the private, non-profit and public sector from Protective Services and foster care to therapeutic services to respite and adoption. She has seen the rise and fall of many child welfare service agencies, but those who hold to offering the best for the children are the ones who survive!

She is a lifelong learner and thrives on staying up-to-date on the latest information concerning meeting the needs of children and their families, especially those in the child welfare system. She also enjoys imparting this knowledge to other professionals through speaking engagements and workshops.

Her adventurous interests are aerial feats including, but not limited to, parasailing, tandem skydiving, hot air ballooning and bungie jumping! She also enjoys traveling, spending time with her beautiful family, (which includes her husband of 42 years, two daughters and 5 grandchildren) and meeting new people.

She is involved with her family in her community through her local church and food bank services.


  • Amy K. Fisher, Na Youn Lee, Patricia K. Digby & Susan C. Allen (2021) BSW Students’ Descriptions of an Experiential Exercise on Intimate Partner Violence, Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 41:3, 290-313,DOI: 10.1080/08841233.2021.1926402


B.A. Business Administration, The University of Mississippi (1981)

M.A. Social Work, University of Southern Mississippi (1989)