Victoria Dickinson

Associate Professor of Accountancy

Victoria Lynn Dickinson

Victoria is an Associate Professor and holder of the Lucian Minor Chair of Accountancy at the Patterson School of Accountancy at the University of Mississippi.

Research Interests

Her research examines the effect of industrial organization on firm performance and valuation through the lens of financial statement analysis.


Victoria is a three-time recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year and a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Researcher of the Year awards from the University of Mississippi. She also received the J. Michael Cook Excellence in Teaching, the Warrington College of Business Teacher of the Year, the Judy Fisher Teaching with Technology, and Anderson Scholar Faculty Honoree awards while on the faculty at the University of Florida.
She worked in assurance and advisory for CBIZ/Mayer Hoffman McCann (Minneapolis, MN), as a Sr. Financial Analyst (International Banking) at Wells Fargo (Minneapolis, MN) and as a Risk Analyst at Lockheed Martin (Calabasas, CA). She is a certified public accountant in the states of Mississippi and Minnesota.


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B.S. Accounting, Saint Cloud State University (1988)

M.A. Accounting, Saint Cloud State University (1998)

Ph.D. Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2006)