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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

B.S. in Engineering

Apply science and math to design, construct, operate, and maintain structures and materials

The General Engineering program at University of Mississippi is heavily rooted in mathematics, science, and core engineering coursework, but offers a breadth and flexibility not offered by other programs in order to enable students to tailor a program of study to suit their interests and career goals.

Key Benefits

Ole Miss Engineering students may choose an emphasis in business administration, manufacturing, pre-law, pre-med, ROTC studies, and secondary education, or select an interdisciplinary plan of study to develop their own interests.

Graduate Outcomes

General Engineering graduates from the School of Engineering at the University of Mississippi are successful project engineers, medical doctors, lawyers, military officers, and CEOs of their own companies.


B.S. in Engineering Faculty

Adam Eugene Smith
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Director of General Engineering and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Grace McMahen Rushing
Lecturer in Civil Engineering and Lecturer in General Engineering
Mike Gill
Professor of Practice of Chemical Engineering, Center for Manufacturing Excellence, and General Engineering
Farhad Farzbod
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Bradley T Goodwiller
Instructional Assistant Professor of General Engineering

  • Engr 100 or Engr 102,
  • Csci 251
  • Engr 309, 310, 312, 313, 314, 321, 323, 330, 360, 361, 400, and Engr 450
  • Manf 460
  • 12 hours of approved engineering electives
    • 3 hours of which must be above the 200 level and
    • 9 hours of which must be above the 300 level   
  • The pre-approved engineering electives are Engr 340, BME 200, BME 222, BME 301, BME 311, BME 313, BME 314, BME 333, BME 350, BME 370, BME 510, BME 523, BME 524, Ch E 307, Ch E 308, Ch E 413, Ch E 520, Ch E 521, Ch E 522, Ch E 523, Ch E 524, C E 207, C E 208, C E 210, C E 325, C E 471, C E 472, Csci 111, Csci 112, Csci 343, El E 235, El E 331, G E 305, G E 405, M E 324, M E 325, M E 401, M E 406, and M E 421. Engineering courses not included in this list must be pre-approved by the director of general engineering

Freshmen may directly enroll in B.S.Engineering with an ACT Math score of at least 24 (or SAT equiv) or 3.2 high school core GPA. Students transferring to the program from other majors or other institutions must have 2.25 cumulative GPA as well as 24 ACT Math score or 76 ALEKS math placement score or B in MATH 125 or higher math class.

Derrick Wilson

Derrick Wilson has more than 20 years of engineering, management, and commercial experience in several top global companies in a wide array of market segments. Derrick has held strategic roles as sales executive, global black belt, & global key account manager.