Azurrea Curry

  • Class

    Class of 2024
  • Program

    Secondary English Education ( School of Education )
  • Hometown

    Gulfport, MS (South)
  • Involvement

    Greek Life, Orientation, Student Activities Association, Service and Community Engagement
  • About

    Azurrea is pursuing a B.A.Ed in Secondary English Education with a minor in History. She is a Stamps Scholar and a Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program Fellow. Azurrea serves as a leader in several campus organizations, notably as President of the Honors College Minority Engagement Council, Vice President of Inclusion and Community Engagement for the College Panhellenic Council, Co-Director for Miracle Family Relations through RebelTHON, and Associate Director for ASB’s First Year Encounters program.
A young black woman smiles and leans against a brick column with one hand in the pocket of her jeans. She wears a ringer tee that reads "We're #1 Rebs" on the image of a foam finger.

Why did you choose to attend UM?

I chose to attend UM after visiting for Chancellor’s Scholar Weekend the February of my
senior year of high school. I was showered with love and encouragement from students and
faculty within both the Honors College and the School of Education. I knew I wanted to spend
my four years surrounded by people like the ones I had met that weekend, so from there the
choice was simple.

When and why did you choose your major?

For a while, I fought the idea of pursuing a career in education. Like many others, I had been
told that to teach was to waste my intellect. Right around December of my senior year, I realized
when writing my application to the Honors College that I really was not sure about a lot of things
about myself. I was, however, sure of three things: I love people, I love literature, and I love
learning. What better way to put the three together than to become an educator. I personally can
think of nothing more exciting!

What are your career goals?

After graduate school, I aspire to become a middle school teacher. Past that, I hope to
either become a school administrator or one day practice law. I know that sounds really random,
but practicing law has always been something I am interested in, and why not pursue it all!

Is there a professor who has been particularly impactful or helpful to you?

Freshman year, I had an Honors 101 professor by the name of Robert Brown. Dr. Brown
was crucial in my development just as a human being. Through his guidance, I became more
empathetic, more aware of the world around me, and more aware of who I wanted to become
and what I was passionate about. I am forever grateful for his kindness, humor, honesty, and
insane amount of intellect and love. He is a professor I will never forget!

What do you want to change about the world?

want to be someone who encourages others to
practice empathy on all levels. This varies from having empathy with strangers to empathy for
an incarcerated person. When we foster empathy, we find beauty in other people. As a future
teacher, I believe I have a frontline job in teaching rising leaders to practice such empathy. I
think this is both a special and exciting opportunity. At the end of it all, I just want to love well and encourage others to do so, however that may look.

What's your most memorable moment at UM?

Junior year, I had the honor of taking Fantasy Fiction in the UK with Dr. Beth Spencer. It
was the first time I had ever done creative writing. While I am not very good at it, I would take
the course 100 more times. I got to dialogue with other writers, who became my friends, while
also learning from someone as phenomenal as Dr. Spencer. Then, I got to travel to the UK over
spring break to study fantasy fiction. This was the trip of a lifetime, and I am so grateful to have
been able to do it with the support of my university scholarships and in the presence of so many
wonderful peers.

What do you like to do outside of school?

Outside of school, I enjoy tutoring elementary-aged students and hanging with my
friends! I intend to teach secondary English, but I absolutely adore working with younger
children in my free time- I find it both rewarding and enlightening. I have worked with programs
such as Mission Acceleration, Leapfrog, and Jumpstart. Other than this, I love to hang out with
my friends. They never fail to make my heart happy, and without them I wouldn’t make it through
school. They give me energy and happiness like nothing else!