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Advertising Opportunities

Our facilities and programs provide excellent visibility for our partners and we greatly appreciate their support in promoting health and well-being across our university community.

Campus Recreation has experienced longstanding relationships with several of our current advertising partners, as they have seen the benefit of their involvement with our organization and Campus Recreation services have been enhanced through collaboration with our partners.

We have high-profile, high-visibility campus spaces, and our department is well-respected for the work we do on campus and in our community. We hope you will find alignment with an organization that aspires to be a flagship department on our flagship campus. 

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Current Advertising Partners

 The Flatts at South CampusMalco TheatresPremier Lanes


Media Requests

To protect the privacy of our participants, the use of photographic devices, including cell phone cameras and professional equipment, is not permitted at Campus Recreation facilities without prior permission from the Department of Campus Recreation. Permission may be requested by submitting a Media Request Form at least 1 full business day in advance of your requested day/time.

Meet the Marketing Staff

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Marketing staff if you have any questions or require assistance!
Amanda Jessee

Amanda Jessee

  • Associate Director of Campus Recreation-Programs
Autumn Robbins

Autumn Robbins

  • Graduate Assistant - Marketing