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About the Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Leadership, offered through the Lott Leadership Institute and College of Liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi, is an interdisciplinary program that trains students to enter careers in public service. The B.A. in Public Policy Leadership prepares high-performing students for positions of leadership in an increasingly complex world. The interdisciplinary curriculum for the major incorporates economics, geography, history, philosophy and political science. While at the Institute, students learn the leadership qualities necessary to formulate and implement public policy, the methodological skills necessary for policy analysis, and the ethics of leadership.

Students learn to appreciate the global nature of responsible decision-making. The Lott Institute offers students the benefits of a small institute—selective admission through a holistic process, challenging academic programming, small classes, and commitment faculty—with the advantages of a large public university—affordable tuition and a wide range of resources and opportunities.

The B.A. in Public Policy Leadership prepares students for a variety of career possibilities, including academia, law, government, nonprofit work, or the private sector. Graduates of the Institute are prepared to serve as leaders in their local communities, states, nations, and abroad.

B.A. in Public Policy Leadership

William Rothacker Gottshall

Creating Leaders

“The Lott Leadership Institute offers a community of faculty, administration and supporters united to help students turn ideas into action.”

William Rothacker Gottshall

Executive Director of the Lott Leadership Institute