The Trent Lott Leadership Institute in partnership with the Declaration of Independence Center for the Study of American Freedom and The Center for Practical Ethics introduced a leadership development opportunity for members of our campus community.  The Leadership Endorsement is a series of four courses that prepare students to be effective, active, and ethical leaders. Students learn and understand the theory, philosophy, and practice of leadership, while also examining the moral frameworks and ethical issues that arise in many professions. Through this immersive study, students will be able to successfully develop their individual leadership skills to enhance their ability to lead.

Upon completion of the courses, students will receive a letter of endorsement that they can share with prospective employers or graduate programs regarding their in-depth leadership study and related competencies.


  • LIBA 199 (3 Hours) Introduction to the Theory of Leadership
  • PHIL 102 (3 Hours) Introduction to Professional Ethics
  • PHIL 354 (3 Hours) Ethical Leadership
  • LIBA 499 (3 Hours) Leadership in Practice

Students may begin the series of courses with either LIBA 199 or PHIL 102.  Students may contact Dr. Melissa Jones for more information.