Journey to Commencement

Journey to Commencement celebrates the pinnacle of the academic year by highlighting University of Mississippi students and their outstanding academic and personal journeys from college student to college graduate.



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Since 2019, Journey to Commencement has shared more than 170 stories through a collaborative, award-winning campaign. These stories include contributions from more than 40 communications professionals across all University of Mississippi campuses.
Stefali Pawar surrounded by her academic colleagues at the University of Mississippi
Stefali Pawar, a driven journalism and new media student at the University of Mississippi, captures the essence of storytelling against a backdrop of bustling newsroom activity, embodying her passion for diverse perspectives and impactful narratives.

No Longer Invisible

Stefali Pawar is poised to accomplish both her research and personal goals as she begins a career in academia. 

Dive into Stefali Pawar's inspiring journey
Macey Ross, alongside two friends, represent their department during the Mississippi Day event
Macey Ross, a dynamic student in the integrated marketing communications program at the University of Mississippi, exudes creativity and determination as she navigates the world of marketing with flair and finesse, earning recognition for her exceptional achievements and innovative contributions.

Michigan Dentistry by Way of Ole Miss

Macey Ross balanced academic excellence with robust community involvement and research

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From Orientation to Convocation

Explore the inspiring journeys of University of Mississippi students as they excel in their fields, embodying innovation, creativity, and dedication to excellence in journalism, marketing communications, and beyond.

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In 2024, more than 50 Journey to Commencement stories were shared across University of Mississippi channels. Read them all!