Burhanettin Keskin

Professor of Early Childhood Education

Burhanettin Keskin

In the Teacher Education Department, Dr. Keskin assumes the role of a professor of Early Childhood Education, entrusted with sculpting the foundational pillars of wisdom and compassion in the hearts and minds of aspiring educators, helping to shape a brighter tomorrow.


Burhanettin Keskin received his B.A. in Sociology from Atatürk University in his hometown of Erzurum, Türkiye, in 1997. Upon graduation, he was awarded a full scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of Education to study abroad. He earned his M.A. degree in Early Childhood Education with a focus on Special Education from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2001.

He went on to complete his Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education at Florida State University in 2005. Following his graduation, he returned to his hometown and served as an assistant professor of Early Childhood Education at Atatürk University. From 2009 to 2013, he taught at Columbus State University.

One of his articles, titled "What Do YouTube Videos Say About Public Education?", was published as an Editor’s Choice article in SAGE. He was nominated for the University of Mississippi Faculty Achievement Award in 2018, and he received the School of Education Scholar of the Year Award in the same year.

Currently, he holds the position of professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Mississippi. While he is still refining his research focus, he is actively engaged in developing his scholarly pursuits.


Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Early Childhood, Florida State University (2005)