Eric Pittman

Research Assistant Professor and Clinical Director and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration

Eric Lyle Pittman

Dr. Pittman's practice and research interests are primarily centered around the Medicaid managed-care population including areas related to healthcare quality, health outcomes, mental health, and public health.

Research Interests

  • Medicaid Managed Care - MS-DUR conducts retrospective drug utilization reviews for the Division of Medicaid to improve the quality of care provided to Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Mental Health - Prior to joining the University, I worked for 15 years in an acute care mental health facility. I have a passion for raising the awareness of mental illness and improving the mental health of those in our community.
  • Adult Vaccinations (HPV) - I work with a team to increase the knowledge and uptake of HPV vaccinations among college students.
  • Public Health - Through my work with the School of Applied Sciences and the Division of Medicaid, my work often involves improving the lives of Mississippians through various public health initiatives such as improving maternal health, increasing adult vaccination rates, and improving opioid-related care.


Dr. Pittman has worked with the MS Evidence-Based DUR Initiative since 2017 and currently serves as the Project Director. His work involves partnering with the Division of Medicaid to conduct federally mandated retrospective reviews of medication claims to ensure the safety of Medicaid beneficiaries and to help the agency maximize the quality of care delivered in the most effective manner possible.


B.S. Pharmaceutical Science, The University of Mississippi (1998)

PharmD Pharmacy, The University of Mississippi (2000)