Tammy Kirkland

Instructor in Teacher Education and Coordinator of World Class Teaching Program

Tammy Louise Kirkland

Tammy Kirkland is a seasoned NBCT teacher who runs the state's most successful National Board Candidate Support Program. She also teaches senior education students.

Research Interests

Tammy Kirkland's research interests include fixed and growth mindsets.


Tammy Kirkland is an instructor at the School of Education and the Coordinator of the World Class Teaching Program (National Board Candidate Support Program) at the University of Mississippi. Mrs. Kirkland holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, is a licensed administrator, and a National Board Certification Teacher. Mrs. Kirkland is a previous National Board Fellow and is also a National Board Consultant. She previously taught in the public school system of New Albany, Mississippi, where she was a Teacher of the Year at New Albany Elementary and District Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Kirkland’s focus is using technology to extend the walls of the K-12 classroom with her education students as well as making National Board Certification achievable and achievable for all teachers by providing high quality candidate support to all candidates regardless of their location in the state. She has developed national partnerships and collaborations that have led to the state’s first online candidate support program.

Curriculum Vitae


M.Ed. Educational Leadership, The University of Mississippi (2005)