Bachelor of Accountancy

Build your foundation for career success by earning a Bachelor of Accountancy degree in the Patterson School of Accountancy.

Patterson School student Amyaha Graham

"The PSOA has crafted a rigorous accounting curriculum that, combined with the unwavering support of the faculty and staff, has greatly contributed to my success on the CPA exams. If given the chance to revisit the past, I would undoubtedly choose the PSOA again.“

Amyaha Graham

Patterson School of Accountancy Class Marshal and Taylor Medalist, 2023

About this program

As a student in one of the nation’s top-ranked accounting schools, you’ll learn from faculty who are top researchers and leaders in accounting education. You'll have many opportunities to connect with Patterson School alumni and accounting professionals, both in and out of the classroom.

In addition to completing the required accounting and business courses, you’ll complete courses in the minor area of your choice. You can gain accounting experience while earning course credit by participating in our internship program, which places over 200 interns in accounting firms and other business organizations across the country and abroad each year.

You’ll develop comprehensive accounting knowledge and skills that will prepare you for diverse career paths, including public accounting, managerial accounting, financial management, investing, and other business-related fields.

A degree from our program opens numerous career opportunities. Whether you aim to become a CPA, a financial analyst, or an internal auditor, the possibilities are extensive. The demand for accountancy professionals remains strong, offering promising salary potential and significant growth opportunities.

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    Program Information

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    Area of Study

    Business and Accountancy


    4 years


    B.Accy. in Accountancy

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    Required Credit Hours


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    in the nation


    interns each year

    How to earn your accounting degree

    The academic regulations for this degree program, as entered in the University of Mississippi Catalog, are in effect for the current or selected academic year and semester. The University of Mississippi reserves the right to 1) change or withdraw courses; 2) change rules for registration, instruction, and graduation; and 3) change other regulations affecting the student body at any time.

    Degree Requirements Table



    Accountancy (33 hours)

    Accy 201, Accy 202, Accy 303, Accy 304, Accy 309, Accy 310, Accy 401, Accy 402, Accy 405, Accy 407, and Accy 411

    Business and Economics (30 hours)

    Bus 250, Econ 202, Econ 203, Fin 331, MIS 309, Mgmt 371, Mktg 351, Mktg 372; Bus 230 or Econ 230; Econ 302 or Bus 302

    Communications (3 hours)

    Bus 271Spch 102, or Spch 105

    Data Analytics or Linear Programming (3 hours)

    Accy 302 or Math 269

    Fine Arts (3 hours)

    AH 101, AH 102, AH 201, AH 202, Danc 200, Liba 130, Mus 103, Thea 201, or Thea 202

    Humanities (3 hours)

    Aas 170, Eng 103Eng 220, Eng 221, Eng 222, Eng 223, Eng 224, Eng 225, Eng 226Envs 101G St 201G St 202, Hst 120, Hst 121, Hst 130, Hst 131, Hst 150, Hst 160, Hst 170, Hst 180, Phil 101, Phil 102, Phil 103, Rel 101, Rel 102, Rel 103, or any 100-level S St

    Additional Fine Arts or Humanities (3 hours)

    Choose 1 additional humanities or fine arts course from the above options.

    Internship or Strategic Planning (3 hours)

    Accy 520 or Mgmt 493

    Mathematics (6 hours)

    Math 167 and 267*, Math 261 and 262, Math 261 and 268, Math 267 and 268*, or Math 271 and 272 (*preferred options)

    Natural Science with Laboratory (6-8 hours)

    Choose 2 of the following options: Astr 103, Astr 104, Bisc 102 and 103, Bisc 104 and 105, Bisc 160 and 161, Bisc 162 and 163, Chem 103 and 113, Chem 105 and 115, Chem 106 and 116, Geol 101 and 111, Geol 102 and 112, Geol 104 and 114, Geol 105 and 115, Liba 150, Liba 151, Phys 107, or Phys 108

    Writing (9 hours)

    Hon 101Writ 100, or Writ 101; Liba 102Writ 102, or Hon 102; and Writ 440

    Minor (6-9 hours)

    Choose a minor in economics, general finance, insurance & risk management, managerial finance, management, management information systems, marketing, real estate; a minor offered by another school or department on campus (excluding general business minor); or a minor approved by the dean.

    Electives (varies)

    Choose elective courses as needed to fulfill 120-hour requirement for degree completion.

    Additional Requirements

    Minimum grades in specified courses
    Minimum GPA of 2.0 on cumulative hours attempted at the university
    Minimum GPA of 2.0 on 300‐level and above accountancy courses completed at the university
    Additional requirements as specified in the university course catalog

    Printable Degree Requirements Sheet

    Economics Minor: 6 hours of 300-level and above economics courses (excluding Econ 302)

    General Finance Minor: 9 hours of 300-level and above finance courses (excluding Fin 331)

    Insurance & Risk Management Minor: Fin 341 (3 hours) and 2 of the following courses (6 hours): Fin 333Fin 342Fin 441Fin 442Fin 542

    Management Minor: Mgmt 383 (3 hours), Mgmt 391 (3 hours), and a 400-level or above management course (3 hours)

    Management Information Systems Minor: 9 hours of 300-level and above MIS courses (excluding MIS 309)

    Managerial Finance Minor: Fin 334 (3 hours) and 2 of the following courses (6 hours): Fin 338Fin 431Fin 533Fin 534Fin 568Fin 581

    Marketing Minor: Mktg 367 (3 hours) and 6 hours of 300-level and above marketing courses (excluding Mktg 351 and Mktg 372)

    Real Estate Minor: Fin 351 (3 hours) and 2 of the following courses (6 hours): Fin 353Fin 355Fin 455Fin 555

    The minor requirement may also be fulfilled by completing the requirements as defined by any department that formally grants a minor (excluding the general business minor) or a minor approved by the dean.

    Nicole Ethridge

    We're here for you!

    As the Coordinator of Communications and Student Recruitment, I'm here to help with any questions you may have about our bachelor's program. Whether you need more information, want to set up a visit, or just want to chat about your options, feel free to reach out. I'm excited to assist you on your educational journey!

    Nicole Ethridge

    Coordinator of Communications/Student Recruitment

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    Already an Ole Miss student and interested in changing you major to accountancy? Please complete the Change of Major Form. Once your form is reviewed, you will receive an email to confirm the change and, if needed, information on how to complete an advising session.

    Academic advising is required for all undergraduate students prior to registration.

    Freshmen are advised by staff in the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience.

    Patterson School of Accountancy Advisors

    Oxford Campus

    Kaci Farr, Academic Counselor, ksfarr@olemiss.edu

    Stephanie Marks, Academic Counselor, shmarks@olemiss.edu

    Erin Ridout, Assistant to the Dean, emridout@olemiss.edu

    Desoto Campus

    Amanda Carper, Academic Counselor, amanda@olemiss.edu, (662) 393-1656

    Tupelo Campus

    Sihya Smith, Academic Counselor, sasmit32@olemiss.edu, (662) 915-6253

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