Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Learn how to organize and lead teams to create a better world.

 Student at a job fair shaking the hand of a woman.

About This Program

Learn leadership skills and to think critically. As a management major at Ole Miss, you’ll also learn how to be flexible and responsive – skills required in today’s rapidly changing business world. By the time you graduate, you’ll be prepared to successfully lead all sizes of organizations from startups to large corporations in all areas including human resources, health care, and international business.

What will you learn?

You’ll become the person that possesses a vision for a better future, and its implementations, and leads people toward it. The Management curriculum includes courses focused on the technical and soft skills needed by organizations to be successful, while still giving you space to specialize in an area that you’re interested in. This gives you the knowledge and a competitive advantage over graduates from other schools without those specializations.

What will you become?

By the time you graduate, you’ll be prepared to successfully lead all sizes of organizations, from start-ups to large corporations. You understand how to motivate people toward your vision of the future.

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    Program Information

    Program Type


    Area of Study

    Business and Accountancy


    4 Years


    B.B.A. in Management

    Program Location



    Human Resources;
    International Business

    Required Credit Hours

    120 Hours

    About each Emphasis

    Tailor your management degree in one of our specialized areas of study.
    Because the U.S. health system is massive and complex, students venture beyond the common business model into the specific complications of the healthcare industry.
    Successful, smart organizations treat people as their most important asset. Students learn how to manage and maximize the potential of the people to help businesses succeed.
    As the world has become smaller through technology, business organizations increasingly operate globally. The international business emphasis is designed to augment student goals for living and working abroad while working for a global organization. This emphasis prepares you for business in other countries, other cultures.

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