Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Study the theories, experimentation and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers

Computer science student

About this program

Computer scientists work in almost every industry because computing is the glue that holds much of contemporary science, technology, commerce and entertainment together.

With a computer science degree from Ole Miss, you can pursue a wide spectrum of roles – you could develop software, applications or websites. You could design, maintain or protect computer systems. Or you could focus on data – how to store, organize and derive value from it.

Tailor your degree 

Standard track – you take advanced math, science and computing courses to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree.  

Computer security emphasis – you study theoretical and practical approaches for safeguarding computers, networks and systems.

Data science emphasis – you learn how to collect, process, manipulate and analyze data of varying size and scale.

Bachelor of Arts track – you get the core computer science principles and the flexibility to take courses compatible with a liberal arts degree.

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    B.S.C.S. in Computer Science

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    Computer security, Data science

    Required Credit Hours


    Beyond the classroom

    An Ole Miss computer science student works closely with one of her professors.

    Co-ops and internships

    Work for a semester or the summer in a company or lab to see what computer scientists do.


    Real-world experience
    Computer science student, Amisha Subedi, poses for a photo in the circle.


    Help our professors in their research efforts –looking into machine learning; data analysis and visualization; high-performance computing, and more.

    Photo: Amisha Subedi is exploring the ethical considerations around AI-generated photos

    Explore research areas
    Computer science students at VandyHacks pose for a group photo giving a thumbs up.

    Student organizations and competitions

    Take part in a hackathon, join an engineering club and learn more about your field in the Association for Computing Machinery.

    Photo: Ole Miss students won the award for Best Google Cloud Hack at the 2022 VandyHacks.

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