Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Learn how to design, develop and maintain systems with moving parts.

"Why Ole Miss Mechanical Engineering? I met the faculty and some of the staff and they were just wonderful.'

Stephanie Handford

Mechanical engineering student from Waukesha, WI

About this program

Mechanical engineers design cars and aircraft, build robots used in manufacturing, research new ways of producing energy, design biologically inspired engineering systems and manipulate nanomaterials to make structures stronger.

With a mechanical engineering degree from Ole Miss, you can work in almost any industry. That could be automotive, aerospace, construction, manufacturing, energy production and conservation, environmental and other fields. Or you could pursue a career in law, medicine and finance.

The perks of a mechanical engineering degree

Wide-ranging courses – you’ll learn about thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials, design, mechatronics, robotics, laboratory diagnostics and more.

State-of-the-art computer laboratories in our newly constructed and renovated space.

Engaged students – who participate, and win, design competitions sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Undergraduate research – you can pursue work in your area of interest, leading towards publication and conference presentations.

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    Program Information

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    Area of Study



    4 years


    B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering

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    Standard track, Manufacturing

    Required Credit Hours


    Beyond the classroom

    Woman presenting an invention

    Co-ops and internships

    Work for a semester or the summer in a company or lab to see what engineers do.

    Real-world experience
    Student in research lab


    Help our professors in their research efforts – using nano-technology, 3D printing, nature-inspired materials, our blast lab and more.

    Explore research areas
    students at puzzle x conference

    Student organizations and activities

    Join an engineering club, learn about the field in the American Society for Mechanical Engineers or help with conferences

    Photo: Students went to the Puzzle X conference in Barcelona, helping Ole Miss faculty highlight their work with graphene.

    Student orgs

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