Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production

Tell your story through film.

An Ole Miss film production student works in the film production complex in the South Oxford Center.

"The UM Theatre and Film department is particularly special for its sense of community. I've metmany friends and formed relationships that I know will last a lifetime. The Liberal Arts, in general,provide a wonderful communal environment where you constantly feel like you are learning andgrowing as one."

Will Jones ('25)

B.F.A. in Film Production

About this Program

The Department of Theatre and Film in the College of Liberal Arts offers the B.F.A. in Film Production. Our film production majors make their own films beginning in the first month of the first semester, which distinguishes us—the only intensive film production program in Mississippi—from most top tier film schools.

  • Best described as a graduate program for undergraduates, our B.F.A. is professionally-focused and features a low student-to-teacher ratio with emphasis on individual mentorship. Most importantly, students build professional grade portfolio reels essential for entering the industry.
  • The state-of-the-art 6,500 square foot film production facility provides two sound stages (one with a large infinity/green screen), private editing suites, foley sound recording studio, editing classroom, meeting rooms, and green room/work space for actors and film students.

The program has a core of film production courses, practicum courses, and the flexibility for students to decide on areas of focus; students can shape the program to their interests.   


The B.F.A. in Film Production degree is by competitive entry that is separate from the admission to the university. Students must successfully complete a portfolio review and interview process for admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production prior to enrollment at UM. Visit the department website for more information and the online application form.

The Value of a Film Production Degree

The B.F.A. in Film Production prepares students to work in the professional film industry or to pursue graduate work in the discipline. The need to communicate message through film permeates the world, providing many career opportunities in businesses of all kinds, government, sports, non-profits, and, of course, the extensive entertainment fields. 

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    4 Years


    B.F.A. in Film Production

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    Required Credit Hours


    Degree Requirements

    See the information below on the film production major. For a full description, visit the online catalog.

    Students in the B.F.A. in Film Production complete 73 hours of film production courses as well as courses in theater history, literature, and theory. 

    • Eng 199:  Introduction to Creative Writing
    • Thea 120: Introduction to Theatre, Film and Dance 
    • Thea 121: Creative Thinking 
    • Thea 499: Senior Seminar

    Film Production Courses (36 credit hours):

    • Thea 193: Film Practicum I 
    • Thea 250:  Film Production I 
    • Thea 293:  Film Practicum II 
    • Thea 294: Film Practicum III 
    • Thea 305: Screenwriting I
    • Thea 350: Editing I 
    • Thea 354:  Directing for the Screen I 
    • Thea 360: Cinematography I
    • Thea 361: Sound Design for Cinema I
    • Thea 393: Film Practicum IV 
    • Thea 394: Film Practicum V 
    • Thea 450: Editing II 
    • Thea 493: Film Practicum VI 
    • Thea 494: Film Practicum VII 

    Film Production Electives (9 credit hours):

    • Thea 306: Writing the Pilot
    • Thea 352: Producing I
    • Thea 358: Writer’s Room I 
    • Thea 362: Motion Picture Lighting
    • Thea 406: Screenwriting II
    • Thea 454: Directing II
    • Thea 460: Cinematography II
    • Thea 461: Sound Design for Film II

    Film Production Electives (6 credit hours): 

    • Thea 110: Intro to Acting
    • Thea 111: Realism for Stage and Screen 
    • Thea 171: Rendering for the Theatre
    • Thea 172: Three-Dimensional Design for Theatre
    • Thea 210: Scene Work for Stage and Screen 
    • Thea 240: Makeup for Stage and Screen
    • Thea 246: Costume Crafts
    • Thea 256: Documentary Production I
    • Thea 270: Basic Lighting and Sound Technology
    • Thea 271: Introduction to Stagecraft 
    • Thea 272: Introduction to Costumes for the Stage 
    • Thea 273: Costume Construction 
    • Thea 274: Theatre Design Graphics 
    • Thea 276: Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Design for Theatre
    • Thea 277: Intro to Patternmaking 
    • Thea 279: Introduction to Costume Design for Film 
    • Thea 306: Writing the Pilot 
    • Thea 341: Property Design and Construction
    • Thea 352: Producing I 
    • Thea 353: Devised Filmmaking 
    • Thea 358: Writer’s Room I 
    • Thea 359: Writer’s Room II
    • Thea 362: Motion Picture Lighting
    • Thea 369: Sound Design I 
    • Thea 370: Scenic Design I
    • Thea 371: Period Patternmaking 
    • Thea 372: Lighting Design I
    • Thea 373: Advanced Makeup for the Stage
    • Thea 375: Costume Design I
    • Thea 376: Basic Draping 
    • Thea 378: Fabric Dyeing and Modification
    • Thea 379: Theatre Production Techniques III
    • Thea 381: Advanced Rendering for the Theatre
    • Thea 383: Production Design I
    • Thea 406: Screenwriting II
    • Thea 442: Millinery
    • Thea 453: Postproduction Specialties
    • Thea 454: Directing II
    • Thea 456: Documentary Production II
    • Thea 457: Producing II
    • Thea 460: Cinematography II
    • Thea 461: Sound Design for Film II
    • Thea 469: Sound Design II
    • Thea 470: Scenic Design II
    • Thea 471: Lighting Design II
    • Thea 473: Basic Tailoring
    • Thea 474: Costume Design II
    • Thea 476: Introduction to Scene Painting
    • Thea 478: Adv Computer-Aided Design for Theatre
    • Thea 479: Costume Design for Film and Television
    • Thea 483: Production Design II
    • Thea 497: Special Topics in Film Production

    Theatre History, Literature, and Theory (18 credit hours):

    • Thea 203: Drama in Film OR Thea 204: Comedy in Film 
    • Thea 205: Cinema Survey I 
    • Thea 206: Cinema Survey II
    • AH 201: History of Art I 
    • AH 202:  History of Art II 

    Additional Electives (3 credit hours): 

    • Anth 302: Anthropological Films
    • Cine 398: Study Abroad in Cinema
    • Eng 311: Studies in Cinema/Media Genres
    • Eng 314: The Cinematic South
    • Eng 427: Shakespeare on Film
    • G St 350: Gender and Sexuality in Cinema
    • G St 386: Gender on Film
    • Phil 320: Aesthetics
    • Phil 355: Philosophy of Film
    • Rel 386: Religion and Film
    • Thea 303: Indigenous Storytelling on Screen


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    Will Jones

    Will Jones

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    Why is your department a special place?

    See Will’s Answer

    Optional Minor Field of Study

    B.F.A. in Film Production students may choose an optional minor. Combine your study of film production with other subjects based on your interests or content knowledge and perspectives that can inform your future films. Here are just a few to consider; all those below offer a minor to combine with film production. 

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