Minor in Environmental Studies

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Students get hands-on experience in the forest

"My passion for the environment became amplified when I began college at UM, and I was thrilled to discover the environmental studies minor. I think there is a lot that can be done in terms of being more environmentally friendly on our campus, and I was fulfilled in furthering that along."

Sara Douglas

B.A. in Biological Science, minor in Environmental Studies ('14)

About this Program

The College of Liberal Arts offers the interdisciplinary minor of Environmental Studies. Students evaluate vital environmental issues of today and learn how to become part of the range of innovative responses to current challenges. 

Students tailor the minor to their interests and future plans. Our students can take courses in

  • ecology
  • marine biology
  • oceanography
  • natural resource management 
  • environmental geology 
  • environmental psychology
  • environmental law and politics
  • Southern environmental history
  • global environmental issues 
  • environmental ethics
  • environmental literature
  • nature writing

Beyond the classroom, our students also often take environmental courses abroad, or take advantage of our internship offerings on and off campus. We encourage our students to combine coursework with these hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

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    Required Credit Hours


    Academic Requirements

    See information below on the Environmental Studies minor. For a full description, visit the online catalog.

    Students minoring in Environmental Studies complete 18 hours of courses.

    • Envs 101
    • Bisc 104 OR Bisc 162
    • 12 credit hours of approved electives, with a minimum of 3 hours in at least two of the three discipline categories below.

    Humanities Category

    • Eng 389: Studies in American Environmental Lit
    • Eng 388: Studies in British Environmental Lit
    • Eng 391: Environmental Genres and Forms
    • Eng 495: Literature and the Nonhuman
    • Eng 405: Nature Writing
    • Eng 458: Southern Environmental Literature Writing
    • Eng 494: Special Topics in Environmental Studies
    • G St 391: Women, Gender, and the Environment
    • Hst 355: Water in the Middle East
    • Hst 453: Environmental History of the South
    • Phil 345: Environmental Ethics
    • Rel 390/Phil 348: Topics in Religion and the Environment
    • S St 536: The Southern Environment

    Natural Sciences Category

    • Bisc 220: Natural Resource Management
    • Bisc 318: Botany
    • Bisc 320: Introductory Marine Biology
    • Bisc 321: Introduction to Aquatic Biology
    • Bisc 322: General Ecology
    • Bisc 329: Biology of Fishes
    • Bisc 334: Ornithology
    • Bisc 337: Introductory Entomology
    • Bisc 342: Plant Diversity
    • Bisc 345: Symbiosis
    • Bisc 349: Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives
    • Bisc 350: Mammology
    • Bisc 413: Conservation Biology
    • Bisc 502: Mycology
    • Bisc 510: Theoretical Ecology
    • Bisc 512: Animal Behavior
    • Bisc 524: Aquatic Botany
    • Bisc 525: Conservation and Restoration Ecology
    • Bisc 579: Plant-Insect Interactions
    • CE 471: Environmental Engineering
    • Chem 103: Chemistry for Non Majors OR Chem 105: Chemistry for Majors
    • Geol 104: Environmental Geology - Hazards
    • Geol 105: Environmental Geology - Resources
    • Geol 107: Introduction to Oceanography
    • Phcl 347/547: Introduction to Environmental Toxicology
    • Phcl 381/581: Introduction to Toxicology

    Social Sciences Category

    • Anth 319: Environmental History of the South
    • Anth 320: Archaeozoology: Animal Use in History
    • Anth 330: Environmental Anthropology
    • Anth 331: American Indians and the Natural World
    • Anth 338: Food, Place, and Power
    • Anth 360: Political Ecology
    • Anth 417: Environmentalism: Society, Politics, Law
    • PPL 381: Global Environmental Issues
    • Psy 350: Ecopsychology and International Youth
    • Psy 365: Environmental Psychology
    • Soc 411: Environment, Technology, and Society

    Enhance your Academic Experience with an Internship

    Employers are more likely to hire college graduates who have had internships. We encourage our students to combine coursework with these hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

    Our environmental studies minors have had internship experiences with a broad range of organizations, including:  

    • UM Office of Sustainability
    • UM Field Station 
    • The Nature Conservancy
    • Citizens Climate Lobby
    • The Black Earth Institute
    • Delta Wind Birds Non-Profit
    • Homeplace Pastures Farm
    • Farmstead Florals
    • NIHT, Inc. (carbon credit sales)
    • Mississippi Farm to School Network
    • Oxford Community Market
    Dr. Ellis and Dr. Kreisel sit outside Bondurant Hall.

    A Word from Our Directors

    "The Environmental Studies Minor at UM prepares students to become innovators and leaders in an effort to meet these environmental challenges head-on. We believe it’s crucial to train students for careers that help create sustainable, just, and climate-resilient communities in Mississippi and beyond. As the shift to sustainability continues to become a major driver of economic growth, technological innovation, and social policy, we aim to ensure that University of Mississippi students are prepared to succeed in the new climate economy."

    Cristi Ellis and Deana Kreisel

    Co-Directors of the Environmental Studies Minor

    What can I do with environmental studies?

    • Water Resources Engineer, Gresham Smith
    • Environmental Educator, South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources
    • Environmental Planner, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission
    • Research Intern, Houston Zoo
    • Volunteer Program Associate, Park Pride Atlanta
    • Energy Transactional and Regulatory Attorney, Balch & Bingham
    • Legislative Policy Fellow, US Senate
    • Program Coordinator, Working Landscapes

    Your Major + Environmental Studies

    Environmental Studies can pair with a wide variety of majors on campus.

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